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Top 3 Pilgrimage Trails That Let You Experience the Rich History of Japan!

Sponsored by Shonai Kotsu Kumano Kodo – A Pilgrimage Trail Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site Japan has an ancient ascetic religion which combines aspects of mountain worship, Buddhism, Shintoism, and Taoism, and it is easy to find several Shugendo  (which literally means “the path of…
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An Escape to Shiga: Close Proximity to Kyoto and Stunning Views of Lake Biwa

Sponsored by Seibu Holdings Inc.   Shiga Prefecture, next to the ultra-famous Kyoto, is not the most famous destination in Japan, yet Shiga has a number of attractions which make for an unforgettable trip. Only 10 minutes by train from the former imperial capital Kyoto, you can see…
Ozu castle
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Ozu Castle: Discover the Famed Reconstructed Castle in Shikoku

Sponsored by Ozu City With their unmistakable traditional architecture, Japanese castles in themselves are iconic symbols of the country. However, a tough history and successive waves of destruction have left only a hundred castles in the archipelago still standing today, most of which are reconstructions.…