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Discover the Magaibutsu Buddhist Carvings of Bungo-ono in Oita, Kyushu

Sponsored by Tourism Oita Scattered across the Ono River Valley in Oita Prefecture are hundreds of magaibutsu buddhist figures carved into the volcanic rock created by the massive eruption of Mt. Aso nearly 100,000 years ago.  Statues of Buddhist figures can be found throughout Japan’s innumerable…
Minamisatsuma has the old historical town - Bonotsu and Ooatari, in the Kyushu island, Japan.
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Traveling back in time in Minamisatsuma’s historical villages

Sponsored by the Minamisatsuma Tourism Board. Minamisatsuma, a town located at the south western tip of Kyushu Island, is mostly a destination for outdoor sports enthusiasts, yet it is also filled with cultural and authentic historical treasures ready to be discovered. While driving through fields…