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Visiting A ‘Nishiki Koi’ Farm – the Elegance and Power of the Colourful Carp

Sponsored by Yamakoshi village The Birthplace of Nishiki Koi (Coloured Carp) The elegance and power of the colourful carp, Nishiki Koi (Coloured Carp), is known far and wide around the world, yet very few people know of their origin, birthplace and laboured past. The Nishiki Koi…
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“Go to Hell!” – Hell Hopping in Beppu

I was standing in and amongst the steamy pits of reds, serine blues and bubbling muddy greys, the likes of which one could only liken to hell. And thus the scene of steamy puffs of smoke scattered amongst the landscape led to name of these famous tourist attractions. The Jigoku Onsens (Hell hot springs) are certainly not for bathing.

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Kunisaki bus tour: Part 2 – Big Stone Buddhas Visiting

If you delight in Buddhist culture, statutes, temples, shrines and scenic views, this tour is definitely for you. Some of these places are considerably difficult to find on your own and even if you do manage to locate them, finding a place to park may be difficult. With this bus tour, you have nothing to worry about.

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Oita’s Big Eye opens for the Rugby World Cup in 2019!

After their astoundingly successful performance in the 2015 World Cup in England, what better country to host Asia’s very first Rugby World Cup than Japan? This important milestone for Rugby in Asia has promised to be a very ‘Japanese’ World Cup, but it’s one that is creating a stir that can be felt across the whole of Japan. So, drink some beer, grab some snacks and make some noise as the best players break into the light and battle it out for the right to lift the Webb Ellis Cup.