Yanesen area in Tokyo, Japan.
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“Yanesen” : Immersion in the Heart of the Tokyo of Years, Just 36 Minutes from Narita Airport

Sponsored by Keisei Railways Whether you’re planning a long trip to Japan, or just a few hours’ transit at Narita Airport, there’s an authentic neighborhood in northern Tokyo that is worth a visit. Just like Asakusa, a stroll through the traditional the Yanesen area (Yanaka,…
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How to Get to Koshimizu-cho, Eastern Hokkaido

Sponsored by Koshimizu Tourism Association Koshimizu-cho (小清水町 ) is a small town of approximately 5,000 people in Okhotsk sub-prefecture, eastern Hokkaido. The area is renowned for its scenery, wildlife and vast quantities of birds that use the town’s lake, Lake Tofutsu, as a stop off point during migration. As…
Beach at Wakasa Takahama, Fukui prefecture
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Perfect Nature Destination Near to Kyoto and Kanazawa: How to Get to Wakasa Takahama?

Sponsored by Wakasa Takahama Tourism Association Less than two hours from Kyoto, and three hours from Kanazawa, is Wakasa Takahama –  home to one of only two Blue Flag beaches in Japan! Unlike Japan’s other Blue Flag beach though (Kamakura, south of Tokyo), Wakasa Takahama is…
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How to get to Sado Island, “Island of Exile,” in Niigata

Sponsored by Sado City Sado Island is a beautiful paradise island located approximately 2.5 hours away from Niigata Port by ferry. Sado Island’s landscape has incredible diversity with stunning cliffs along the shoreline, beautiful forests, and mountains throughout. The four seasons are beautifully portrayed on…