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Isama District , ranked in ‘the 100 most beautiful village in Japan’ and full of arts!

Sponsored by Nakanojo Tourism Association I’m not sure if it’s just me, but recently I’ve been a little obsessed with abandoned places. I’ve been tracking them down across Japan and even looking at some in England for future reference, but I can’t really explain why…
Enoshima illumination
Kanto | Tokyo Sightseeing Sponsored

Enoshima Illumination Festival – the amazing Winter Illumination!

Sponsored by Fujisawa City Tourist Association   You have until Feb.19, 2017 to admire “Enoshima Illumination Festival”  on Enoshima Island. This award winning illumination event is one of the most important winter illumination festivals within the Tokyo and Kanto areas. It’s only a short train ride…
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Kabukiza: Traditional Theatre In Modern Japan

One of the things unique to Japan and highly regarded as a cultural treasure is the art of Kabuki theatre. Nowadays not as fondly enjoyed by the Japanese population, Kabuki is still popular and important to the development of Japanese artistic traditions. There are not as many places to see Kabuki these days, though one is the Kabukiza in Ginza.