Mt Aso
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The Reason Why You Should Choose Kumamoto As a Sightseeing Base in Kyushu!

We have already showed you sightseeing spots such as Kumamoto city, Aso, and hotsprings in Kurokawa. But there are even more sightseeing spots in Kumamoto and Kyushu. Since Kumamoto is located in the center of Kyushu, it is easy to access other places in Kyushu from there. Its convenient location makes it a decent idea to designate Kumamoto as the base of your Kyushu trip. So we will recommend some of the great spots that are perfect for a 1 DAY TRIP from Kumamoto!

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Kunisaki bus tour: Part 2 – Big Stone Buddhas Visiting

If you delight in Buddhist culture, statutes, temples, shrines and scenic views, this tour is definitely for you. Some of these places are considerably difficult to find on your own and even if you do manage to locate them, finding a place to park may be difficult. With this bus tour, you have nothing to worry about.