Beach at Wakasa Takahama, Fukui prefecture
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Perfect Nature Destination Near to Kyoto and Kanazawa: How to Get to Wakasa Takahama?

Sponsored by Wakasa Takahama Tourism Association Less than two hours from Kyoto, and three hours from Kanazawa, is Wakasa Takahama –  home to one of only two Blue Flag beaches in Japan! Unlike Japan’s other Blue Flag beach though (Kamakura, south of Tokyo), Wakasa Takahama is…
Beach at Wakasa Takahama , Fukui prefecture
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Beach Activities in Wakasa Takahama to Admire Stunning Nature Along Sea of Japan!

Sponsored by Wakasa Takahama Tourism Association   If you haven’t heard of Wakasa Takahama by now, the three things you should know about it are.,,, One: it’s less than two hours from Kyoto. Two: it’s home to one of Japan’s two Blue Flag beaches. And three: it’s…