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Discover Gokayama Village and Hidden Treasures of Toyama Prefecture

Sponsored by Toyama prefecture Located in Japanese mountains dividing Toyama and Gifu prefectures, two villages preserve a traditional Japanese architecture which is very different from what is found in Japan today. Shirakawa-go in Gifu Prefecture is the most visited village by tourists, while Gokayama in…
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A Shikoku guide: wild beauty and cultural wealth in the eastern part of the island

Sponsored by Shikoku District Transport Bureau A trip to Shikoku – the smallest of the four Japanese archipelago islands – is a unique opportunity to discover some of Japan’s most protected and preserved areas. In the Eastern part of the island, consisting of Tokushima and…
Experiencing The Hospitality of Japanese Ryokan in Iizaka Onsen, Fukushima
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Experiencing the Hospitality of Japanese Ryokan in Iizaka Onsen, Fukushima

Sponsored by Fukushima City Tourism and Convention Association. Compared to the generic experience of modern chain hotels, the Japanese ryokan experience offers travelers the opportunity to enjoy a unique lodging experience almost anywhere in Japan. Some tourists are put off by the idea of sleeping…