Cycling tour in Nakatsugawa, Gifu Prefecture, Japan
Activities Sponsored Tokai | Nagoya

Enjoy Hiking to Naegi Castle Ruins and a Cycling Tour in Nakatsugawa

Sponsored by Nakatsugawa City. Nakatsugawa in Gifu Prefecture is known for the beautiful trail named “Nakasendo,” with many historical sites which separated from each other by only a few kilometers. So, take a chance to discover what else Nakatsugawa has to offer, by hiking or by joining a cycling…
Japanese fan for Nichibu dance
Activities Culture Sponsored Tohoku | Sendai

Step into Traditional Japanese Culture: Kimono’s and Nichibu Dancing

Sponsored by The Tourism Association of Central Region in Fukushima Prefecture Koriyama Koriyama city is located in central Fukushima Prefecture. Because of its convenient location, and because both the Tohoku and Banetsu Highways and the Shinkansen run through the city, it acts as the commercial capital…