Ogi lantern festival
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Ogi’s Lantern Festival in Full of Autumn Colors!

Sponsored by Saga Prefectural Tourism Federation Known as “little Kyoto” because of its similarities with the old capital, Ogi has many sites that attract visitors! In the mountains on the outskirts of Ogi, Kiyomizu Waterfall (清水の滝) flows. A sacred site for the past 1500 years, which mirrors the famous Kiyomizu-dera…
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Where to Stay in Koshimizu-cho, Eastern Hokkaido

Sponsored by Koshimizu Tourism Association Tucked away along the Sea of Okhotsk in eastern Hokkaido is the perfect rural escape for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. This is the small coastal town of Koshimizu-cho (小清水町), renowned as a bird-watching mecca for migratory summer and winter birds.  You may…