Tsuchiyu Onsen is a quaint town in the western part of Fukushima, Tohoku, Japan.
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Tsuchiyu Onsen: A Fusion of Kokeshi and Onsen !

Sponsored by Fukushima City Tourism and Convention Association Situated in the Tohoku region, Tsuchiyu Onsen, (土湯温泉) is a quaint town in the western part of Fukushima. Amongst other things, Tohoku is renowned for producing traditional Japanese dolls (kokeshi), and showcasing alluring hot springs (onsen). It’s just as well then, that…
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Atami: Impressive Ocean View, Ancient Onsen and Much More

Sponsored by the Shizuoka Prefecture Tourism Association   Located right where the ocean and mountains meet, Atami has emerged as a major gateway to the Shizuoka prefecture. A 40-minute Shinkansen ride separates Atami from Japan’s capital city—close enough for it to be a perfect, casual weekend getaway, but far…