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Hamamatsu: Vegetarian Cuisine and Calligraphy at Okayama Houkouji Temple

Sponsored by the Shizuoka Prefecture Tourism Association Located in Hamamatsu (near Inasachō Okuyama, Kita-ku), Okuyama Houkoujito is the head temple of the Houkouji Buddhist Zen sect. This temple offers a taste of Shoujin ryouri cuisine (fine vegetarian cooking of Zen Buddhism) and lessons of Shakyo (transcription of a sutra). While I…
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Shizuoka: Shrines Dedicated to Fujisan and a Lava Cave to the East of Mount Fuji

Sponsored by the Shizuoka Prefecture Tourism Association   To the east of Mount Fuji (Shizuoka Prefecture) there are three must-see places to visit if you have the opportunity: first Fuji Sengen-jinja and Suyama Sengen-jinja, two shrines dedicated to Princess Konohanasakuya, the Shintō divinity associated with Mount Fuji, and…