Tashibunoshou View Point at Bungotakata city, Oita prefecture.
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Experiencing a Farmer’s Inn at a World Agricultural Heritage Site in Oita

Sponsored by Tourism Oita   Japan’s connection with great food runs deep, and there are sensory delights here for everyone. From vegans to avid “carnivores”, everyone loves eating fresh, local produce, and I was lucky enough to sample some of Oita’s tasty cuisine by staying at Farm Stay…
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Hamamatsu: Vegetarian Cuisine and Calligraphy at Okayama Houkouji Temple

Sponsored by the Shizuoka Prefecture Tourism Association Located in Hamamatsu (near Inasachō Okuyama, Kita-ku), Okuyama Houkoujito is the head temple of the Houkouji Buddhist Zen sect. This temple offers a taste of Shoujin ryouri cuisine (fine vegetarian cooking of Zen Buddhism) and lessons of Shakyo (transcription of a sutra). While I…