Tamago-yu is a ryokan and spa which sits in the resort town of Takayu Onsen. Easily accessible by bus from JR Fukushima Station, this ryokan (Japanese inn) is famous for it's open-air hot springs (onsen) submerged in the mountains.
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Tamago-yu, Takayu Onsen: An Onsen Lover’s Paradise

Sponsored by Fukushima City Tourism and Convention Association   A stone’s throw away from Fukushima City, in Fukushima prefecture, is Tamago-yu – an onsen lover’s paradise! Tamago-yu is a ryokan and spa which sits in the resort town of Takayu Onsen. Easily accessible by bus from JR Fukushima Station, this ryokan (Japanese inn)…
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Shizuoka: Shiraito Falls and Tanuki Lake to the West of Mount Fuji

Sponsored by Shizuoka Prefectural Tourism Association   Located in Shizuoka prefecture to the west of Mount Fuji, Tanuki Lake and Shiraito Falls are two stunning places you should go to see! The Fuji 4 main routes Fujinomiya—alongside Yoshida, Subashiri and Gotenba—is one of the four main…