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Top 3 Pilgrimage Trails That Let You Experience the Rich History of Japan!

Sponsored by Shonai Kotsu Kumano Kodo – A Pilgrimage Trail Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site Japan has an ancient ascetic religion which combines aspects of mountain worship, Buddhism, Shintoism, and Taoism, and it is easy to find several Shugendo  (which literally means “the path of…
Yamadera Temple mountain.
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Yamadera: An Ancient 1000 Step Hike to Mountaintop Temples

Looking for a day hike with views that will take your breath away? Yamadera (literally ‘Mountain Temple’ 山寺) is a stunning set of small temples founded nearly 1200 years ago built into a mountain-side, at the top of a tripping thousand step trail lined with giant cedar trees, glowing candles and miniature altars. A stark contrast to Japanese city life, this small hike will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired!