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Looking for Food on a Budget?

Japan offers many amazing dining options and restaurants when it comes to satisfying your growling gut. Osaka has many family restaurants that will feed you and your family these amazing meals on a budget. These chain cheap family restaurants are a great option if you want to enjoy a tasty meal without waiting in line or spending a fortune. When considering where to eat with your family in Osaka, be sure to consider these places.

Saizeria family restaraunt in Osaka

The Restaurants


Saizeriya Osaka is a simple Italian style family chain restaurant. Many items on the menu do have a Japanese twist to them, such as the hamburg. A hamburg is a Japanese meat pattie which is usually stuffed with goodies like cheese. Menu items here are easily under 700 yen each, from your doria pizzas (approx. 350 yen) to your pasta and meat dishes (approx. 400-600 yen). This restaurant is extremely family friendly, and also offers an all-you-can-drink soda, tea and coffee for 190 yen per person. This makes it a great restaurant to enjoy a longer meal time, particularly if you are catching up with some friends or spending a few hours cramming in some study time.

 family restaraunt in Osaka


 family restaraunt in Osaka

The Royal Host

The Royal Host is a little fancier when it comes to family restaurants in Osaka. The meals here have a greater variety and you are able to select from a wider range of foods. Classic steak dishes and pasta meals to takoyaki and omrice (Japanese rice served under an omelette) for an adult cost around 1000yen, but the children’s meals are around 500-600 yen each.

Royal Host family restaraunt in Osaka


Coco Ichiban family restaraunt in Osaka

Coco’s Ichiban Curry House

Coco’s Ichiban Curry house is very delicious and very simple curry chain restaurant. Japanese curry is very different to Indian or Western curry, and it is definitely worth a try if you visit. Popular items like pork cutlets, katsu chicken or hamburg are often incorporated into the meals. The menu consists of a picture of every item, so it is still very easy to make an order even if you do not speak any Japanese. The best part about Coco’s is that you can tailor the order to your liking by simply pointing out little scales in the menu which indicate your desired choose of size, spiciness, sweetness or the type of curry sauce. Meals can also be ordered as takeaway and prices range from 700 yen to 1000 yen.

Coco's family restaraunt in Osaka


Gasto family restaraunt in Osaka


Gasto is a popular family chain restaurant for those eating on a budget. Cheap and delicious meals are on offer all day over both a lunch and a dinner menu. Originally Gasto was more of an Italian style restaurant, but these days the menu has a lot more variety. This is a very family friendly establishment and offers all-you-can-drink soda for 200 yen per person. Meals vary in cost from 500-700 yen, and takeout is possible. Many familiar looking foods are on offer for those who prefer to go for the trusted meals and you can finish up by selecting something from Gasto’s extensive dessert menu.

Gasto family restaraunt in Osaka


Bikkuri Donki family restaraunt in Osaka

Bikkuri Donki

Bikkuri Donki is a simple restaurant that specialises in hamburg. Oddly enough, the name “Bikkuri Donkey” translates literally to “surprise donkey”, but no need to fear as no donkey meat will end up on your plate here. Bikkuri Donki in Dontonbori is located right on the river, which gives you an opportunity to view the bustling and bright city around you while you enjoy a cheap bite to eat. The prices here are reasonable and perfect for feeding a family on a budget. Furthermore, children’s menu and take away are also available here.

Bikkuri Donki family restaraunt in Osaka

So next time you are looking for a cheap restaurant to eat with you family in Osaka. Visit one of these budget restaurant chains, where you can pay for a meal using a 1000 yen note and still get some change back.

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