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Discover Gokayama Village and Hidden Treasures of Toyama Prefecture

Sponsored by Toyama prefecture Located in Japanese mountains dividing Toyama and Gifu prefectures, two villages preserve a traditional Japanese architecture which is very different from what is found in Japan today. Shirakawa-go in Gifu Prefecture is the most visited village by tourists, while Gokayama in…
Beach at Wakasa Takahama, Fukui prefecture
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Perfect Nature Destination Near to Kyoto and Kanazawa: How to Get to Wakasa Takahama?

Sponsored by Wakasa Takahama Tourism Association Less than two hours from Kyoto, and three hours from Kanazawa, is Wakasa Takahama –  home to one of only two Blue Flag beaches in Japan! Unlike Japan’s other Blue Flag beach though (Kamakura, south of Tokyo), Wakasa Takahama is…