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The prefecture of Okinawa is made up of about 160 islands also known as the Ryukyu Islands between Kyushu and Taiwan. The islands harbor a subtropical climate making it both comfortable throughout the year as well as lush in nature. Even during the winter months the temperature is about the same as spring in central Japan. With its blue sea, white beaches and colorful coral and sea life Okinawa is an attractive destination to relax or dive. Okinawa, however, also has a rich unique history as for over 450 years it was an independent kingdom known as the Kingdom of Ryukyu. This unique history can be found today in the islands’ many festivals and goods as well as their historic sites. The vivid Hari Dragon Boat Race in May and the Eisa dance competition during the Bon festival are by far the most popular festivals and events while the unique architecture of Shuri Castle in Naha City on Okinawa’s main island is the main historic attraction for many visitors.