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Come for the Rugby, stay for exquisite meals, Onsens and authentic Japanese experiences in Kakegawa

Sponsored by Kakegawa City No single Japanese word brings more tingling warmth to my heart and soul than “onsen“. Match not one, but three private onsens, as well as a public bath and rotenburo (outdoor bath) with gorgeous countryside views, exquisite tasting experiences and unbelievable…
Onsen facing outside at Iwasu-so hostel in Nakatsugawa, Gifu prefecture, Japan
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Stay in Nakatsugawa: Japanese-Style Ryokan or Western-Style Hotel

Sponsored by Nakatsugawa city. One of the most important tips when visiting Japan is finding the perfect accommodation for your price range, itinerary and desire to experience traditional Japan? Gifu Prefecture, especially around the Nakatsugawa area, is famous as a gateway along the popular Nakasendo trail.…
Cycling tour in Nakatsugawa, Gifu Prefecture, Japan
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Enjoy Hiking to Naegi Castle Ruins and a Cycling Tour in Nakatsugawa

Sponsored by Nakatsugawa City. Nakatsugawa in Gifu Prefecture is known for the beautiful trail named “Nakasendo,” with many historical sites which separated from each other by only a few kilometers. So, take a chance to discover what else Nakatsugawa has to offer, by hiking or by joining a cycling…
Forest crossing during the Nakasendō hike, Gifu prefecture, Japan
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Hiking through the Nakasendo Trail from Nakatsugawa Post Town

Sponsored by Nakatsugawa City. Edo Five Routes, Gokaidō 五街道 Do you know of the Nakasendo trail? Nakasendō, also called Kisokaidō, was one of the Edo Five Routes named Gokaidō during the Tokugawa feudal period, linking the cities of Tokyo and Kyoto. It had an important role connecting the capital with different provinces.…