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Kissa Issa Tea Café is cute little cafe which was the idea behind a collaboration project between the Shizuoka City Tea Growers Association and the Municipal Government of Shizuoka.

Service: Extremely kind and hospitable café staff
Facilities and Equipment: Spotlessly clean, entirely non-smoking
Prices: Reasonable
Strong points: Great variety of green tea from Shizuoka City on sale. Choice of three different teas offered every week. Local wagashi cakes!

Kissa Issa Tea Café

4 years ago, in June exactly, Shizuoka JR Station was completely renovated and the basement linking the city to the north exit saw the birth of some very interesting shops. If you arrive directly at Shizuoka JR Station, take the stairs down and you will find Kissa Issa Tea Cafe on your left. You will find it on your right if you reach the station from the basement passageway.

Kissa Issa Tea CaféYou are graciously invited to taste Shizuoka City Green Tea

Kissa Issa Tea CaféA great range of green tea bags, regularly changed, for a very reasonable price

Bear in mind that Shizuoka Prefecture produces more than 45% of all green tea in Japan and that Shizuoka City is one of the main growing areas.

Kissa Issa Tea CaféThe whole list of Green Tea Growers and Companies in Shizuoka

Kissa Issa Tea CaféYou can also buy take-out hot green tea (but don’t consume it on site, this is not Starbucks)

Kissa Issa Tea CaféGreen is the color of tea

Closed on Wednesdays only, but always open on week-ends and National Holidays for the pleasure of the many visitors.

Kissa Issa Tea CaféSmokers, keep out if you please

Kissa Issa Tea CaféMore green teas on sale inside, the tea on offer is regularly changed to enable the sale of all the Shizuoka green tea.

Kissa Issa Tea CaféThe Tea Cafe, a great place for a break between two trains or a rendez-vous with a special one

Kissa Issa Tea CaféLocal, smiling and so attentive staff

Kissa Issa Tea CaféThe menu is written in Japanese, but the staff will try their best to explain it

Kissa Issa Tea CaféThe three teas proposed on the menu every week are also displayed for purchase near the cash register

Kissa Issa Tea Café

There were two different Japanese wagashi cakes available made by Friand Kadoya, a top-class wagashi shop in Inagawa Cho, Suruga Ku, Shizuoka, just south of the JR Station. The one I chose is a kinton and sweetmeat/anko cake named Na no Hana/rapeseed flower.

Kissa Issa Tea CaféAnd the tea I chose was a Tamachi No Aji Ichiban (made with first tea crop leaves)

Kissa Issa Tea CaféMy set while the staff prepares the first cup of tea and serve a pot of water for the next cups

Kissa Issa Tea CaféThe first cup of green tea

Kissa Issa Tea CaféThe brown pot contains enough hot water for the second and third cups of tea

For the second cup of tea you pour hot water into the green pot first and then into the small tea pot filled with leaves. This way your tea will be at the right temperature. As for the third cup, you pour the hot water from the brown pot into the small tea pot as the temperature will be just right inside the brown pot by then.

Kissa Issa Tea CaféThe wagashi cake, a little jewel

Kissa Issa Tea CaféFilled with sweetmeat, and it’s vegan!

Name Kissa Issa
Address Shizuoka JR Station, North Exit, Basement Square
Access [map]Shizuoka JR Station, North Exit, Basement Square[/map]
Opening Hours 10:00~19:00 Closed on Wednesdays (in the case of a holiday, next day) and New year's holidays
Price Range
Payment options
Robert-Gilles Martineau

Robert-Gilles Martineau

Robert-Gilles Martineau, a 40-year French resident in Shizuoka and japan has been blogging and writing about his love for Japanese gastronomy and tourism in three languages since 1998. His motto: "There is always a new place to visit and a new food to taste out there!"

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