Kagura Hall at Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine
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How To Get to Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine from Hiroshima On a Budget

Sponsored by Chugoku Region Tourism Promotion Association / Chugoku District Transport Bureau I woke early in my 18th-floor room at Hiroshima’s RIHGA Royal Hotel and peered sleepily through the curtains. I was greeted with the loveliest “great morning” view of Hiroshima I could hope for. After the…
Hammering the impurities out of iron
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The Unbroken Tradition of Japanese Swords and Samurai Culture in Arao, Kyushu

sponsored by Northern Kumamoto Administrative Headquarters “Strike while the iron’s hot.” I always knew what this meant, though never witnessed it in its complete, literal meaning. That is, until one stormy day, while the furnace roars and hammers clang, Mr. Matsunaga of Arao, Kumamoto leads…
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Delights of Kyushu: Where to Buy Organic Food and Local food in Kumamoto

Sponsored by Northern Kumamoto Administrative Headquarters Kyushu, the most southwest of Japan’s main islands, is a food lovers paradise. With miles of lush, fertile land, organic products from Kumamoto are in high demand. Farmers are constantly thinking of ways to bring exciting new products to…