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Chojiya (丁子屋) in Mariko, the 20st station of the Old Tokaido Highway made famous by Utagawa Hisroshige’s (real name: Ando Hiroshige) wooden prints, has served traditional tororojiru (grated yam soup) for no less than 400 years. Actually, many think that the inn featured on Hiroshige’s woodblock print is Chojiya.

Service: Friendly and informative
Equipment & Facilities: Old but very clean
Prices: Reasonable
Strong points: Traditional Japanese food in a traditional environment full of history

Traditional Japanese cuisine from Chojiya

Chojiya under the rain

In 1596 Shojiya Heikichi/丁子屋平吉 established this tea house in the post town of Mariko to serve the many travelers using the Old Tokaido Route from Edo/Tokyo to Kyoto.

Traditional Japanese cuisine from Chojiya

History is all around you in this tradtional Japanese inn. Take as many photographs as you wish, but bear in mind this is a busy place.

Traditional Japanese cuisine from Chojiya

You will dine under the benign protection of giant Hina Dolls, which are used to celebrate Girls Day on March 3rd and Boys Day on May 5th. They are on constant display!

Traditional Japanese cuisine from Chojiya

Do not forget to visit the little museum at the entrance where you will discover a genuine Ukiyoe wooden print

Traditional Japanese cuisine from ChojiyaA genuine ceramic dish showing a scene of Mariko in Edo Era

Traditional Japanese cuisine from ChojiyaKeep your cameras on the ready

Traditional Japanese cuisine from ChojiyaThe tororojiru/grated yam soup that Mariko and Chojiya are so famous for. I visited the place with my good friend Patrick who loves the delicacy served on freshly steamed rice.

Traditional Japanese cuisine from ChojiyaYou pour it yourself on your rice

Traditional Japanese cuisine from Chojiya

And you savor it with chopped thin leeks, the perfect dish for a vegetarian

Traditional Japanese cuisine from ChojiyaThe whole traditional lunch

Traditional Japanese cuisine from Chojiya

You will also have the opportunity to enjoy great local sashimi

Traditional Japanese cuisine from ChojiyaLocal vegetables served as a traditional boiled vegetable salad

Traditional Japanese cuisine from ChojiyaTheir dashi tamagoyaki is a must. Tamagoyaki is the famous omelet-like dish in Japan that all egg lovers must try once.

Traditional Japanese cuisine from Chojiya

I’m not too keen on grated yam soup myself, but the staff readily agreed to replace it with vegetables served as tororoage/vegetables deep-fried in tororojiru. Lovely and such kind and great service!

Category Japanese Food
Address 7-10-10 Mariko,Suruga-ku,Shizuoka-city
Access [map]7-10-10 Mariko,Suruga-ku,Shizuoka-city[/map]
Opening Hours 11:00~19:00 ※Closed on Thursday and the last Wednesday of the month
Price Range 1000yen~2000yen
Payment options Cash
Robert-Gilles Martineau

Robert-Gilles Martineau

Robert-Gilles Martineau, a 40-year French resident in Shizuoka and japan has been blogging and writing about his love for Japanese gastronomy and tourism in three languages since 1998. His motto: "There is always a new place to visit and a new food to taste out there!"

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