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Kotatsu (こたつ) hot tables are a popular cost-efficient way to keep warm during Japan’s colder seasons. Integral to household culture, a kotatsu has a low coffee table with a heating element installed underneath. A blanket sits atop the table, then another hard wooden piece over that. This creates a cozy little environment for sitting around, relaxing in warmth whilst you cover yourself with an edge of the kotatsu blanket.

Kotatsu , a low and wooden Table Frame covered by a Futon
Kotatsu creates a cozy little environment for sitting around

What should we consider when using a kotatsu?

Alongside Japanese using kotatsu, remember that you must always sit on the floor around the table. Moving the table or pulling the blankets towards a nearby couch is not polite. Cushions and Zaisu chairs are acceptable if you need a seat a little softer than a tatami mat. Zaisu chairs are reclining chairs that have no legs but still have a normal seat and back.

Kids love Kotatsu!

How can we enjoy Kotatsu?

In Japanese culture, eating mikan (mandarins) and drinking ocha (green tea) while sitting around the kotatsu is tradtional. Kotatsu often have a bowl filled with mikan placed upon it for both decoration and a healthy snack. I believe that mikan are required because you are at risk of becoming hungry; because you will be reluctant to get up after the irresistibly cozy warmth.

This cat likes Japanese culture for kotatsu

Kotatsu are a great way to keep warm on a budget. The setup means that even inside large houses with poor insulation, you can still keep warm. In Japanese home culture, kotatsu are typically set up inside the living room as a place where family can talk and bond. When sitting at the table, lying down to sleep keeps with kotatsu culture. When you’re snuggled up under something this cozy, it is hard not to do so!

There is also a kotatsu in Japanese boat!

If you’re looking for an easy way to keep warm, adopt some Japanese culture, and use a kotatsu. Curl up under a kotatsu and watch a movie with your friends or family while munching mikan over hot tea. You will never experience anything as cozy as this.

Alix Smith

Alix Smith

Hi I'm Alix, I'm an Aussie who has fallen in love with Japan. I love learning languages and all about foreign culture. I was first attracted to Japan because of its rich history and fascinating traditions. But as you may notice from my contribution to this site, my real passion is cooking. I hope I can share my experiences here in Japan with you, and hopefully invoke a little bit of Japanese inspiration in your diet. Have fun reading!

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  • Avatar Jaime says:

    One of my friend living in japan and using this kotatsu table while taking dinner or watching TV. He stayed warm and comfy. I love this.
    Brilliant tech.

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