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Located in Minato Mirai District of Yokohama, the Cup Noodles Museum is an interactive museum showing the history of instant ramen noodles. The museum was opened by the Nissin Food company. It combines exhibits and workshops. In the museum, visitors can watch a short film introducing the history of instant noodles in Japan, see a replica of the shed where instant noodles were invented and instant noodle products from around the world.


Instant Noodles from Around The World are collected in this museum

Instant Noodles from Around The World

There is also My Cupnoodles Factory workshop in the Cup Noodles Museum. In the workshop, you can create your own original cup noodle by decorating your own cup of the noodle, mixing and matching a variety of broth flavors and toppings. It costs 300 yen and there is probability that it will be sold out on public holidays.

My Cupnoodles Factory workshop in the Cup Noodles Museum

Choose your own toppings and broth!

In my opinion, unless you are still in your school-age, the workshop is not really worth a try. You have to pay 300 yen for the workshop, then pay 300 yen extra for the plain cup. All you can do is decorating the cup using bold markers, choosing broth flavor and three varieties of toppings. I would rather buy the cup noodle producted by Nissin Food which only costs around 140 yen in supermarkets.

Next what you have to do is to decorate your cup and make it unique

Decorating the cup

What else? This museum has Noodles Bazaar, which is a food court designed to look like an Asian night market. Noodles Bazaar serve eight different noodle dishes and drinks from some countries: Italy, Kazakhstan, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. By paying 300 yen, you can taste a small portion of noodle dish from those countries.

I bought Indonesian Mi Goreng in the bazaar. As native Indonesian, I can say that the taste is pretty delicious. Even they put special soy sauce that is a must-added ingredient. The sauce is hard to find in Japan. Around Tokyo area, I know only one shop selling this sauce which is in Okubo. So, I guess all the noodle dishes in Noodles Bazaar are cooked almost similar to the one in their origin countries. Probably all of them are tasty as well.

we can taste not only cup noodle here but also othere food such as Indonesian Mi Goreng

Indonesian Mi Goreng


Outside the bazaar, there is a veranda where you can relax and enjoy the scenery of the sea.


You can view the sea from the Cup Noodles Museum

You can view the sea from the Cup Noodles Museum


Get There and Around

The Cup Noodles Museum is a 10 minute walk from either Minato Mirai Station or Sakuragicho Station.

Name The Cup Noodles Museum
Category Museum
Address Nakaku Shinkō 2−3−4, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture 231-0001
Access [map]Nakaku Shinkō 2−3−4, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture 231-0001[/map]
Opening Hours 10:00 to 18:00 (entry until 17:00); Closed on Tuesday (or on the following day if Tuesday is a national holiday) and during New Year holidays
Price Range 500 yen (workshops and activities are not included)
Payment options Cash


I am a university student from Indonesia and am currently exchange program student in Tokyo.

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