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Craving some good quality organic vegan food, or a delicious locally-brewed craft beer? Want to get out of busy Tokyo and enjoy the Japan’s lesser-known beachside cities? If so, your next must-visit destination is Beach Muffin, a vegan and craft beer café just a short walk south from Zushi Station.

Beach Muffin shop in Zushi.

Zushi is near another popular destination, Kamakura. Both sit along the JR Yokosuka line and can be reached in just over an hour from Tokyo. To get to Beach Muffin, depart Zushi Station from the south exit and continue heading south for around 10 minutes.

Organic vegetables being sold near Beach Muffin in Zushi.

The café is situated alongside a river, in a fairly quiet part of Zushi City. The environment inside has an earthy, relaxed feel to it, being quiet and dimly lit. It is a great place to stop by if you have been exploring the city and want a place to chill out and talk with your friends.

Beach Muffin interior in Zushi.

Beach Muffin interior in Zushi.

Beach Muffin serves a wide variety of organic vegan dishes, including chili, burgers, bagels, and tacos, among others. It also features a selection of desserts, coffee, and juices. One of the special aspects of Beach Muffin is its selection of locally-brewed organic craft beer.

Beer menu in Beach Muffin in Zushi.

Beer in Beach Muffin in Zushi.

Being a fan of pale ales, it did not take me long to decide what to order! It tasted amazing; the flavor had a slight fruity hint to it. Of course, we also came to Beach Muffin to try their food. I ordered the red chili with rice, and my companions ordered the veggie burger and tofu tuna (tofu that tastes like tuna!) bagel.

Organic vegetable dip dish in Beach Muffin in Zushi.

Vegetable bagel in Beach Muffin in Zushi.

Vegi-burger in Beach Muffin in Zushi.

Judging only by the photos above, it is easy to see Beach Muffin produces some good quality dishes. The red chili and rice dish I ordered was incredibly delicious; the fresh organic vegetables, including carrots, tomatoes, and of course beans came together to form a wonderful taste and texture. I was impressed and satisfied with my meal. The others were also happy with their choices, and considering the price (around 1,000 yen per dish) it made it even better value.

Cards as decor in Beach Muffin in Zushi.

Next time you want to venture outside Tokyo, I highly recommend Zushi City, for both its beachside walks and the fact it has this café. Beach Muffin’s organic vegan cuisine and craft beer are a hidden treasure in this neck of the woods, so do not miss out! For more information, including menu and events, check out their website. Enjoy Beach Muffin!

Beach Muffin homepage

Name Beach Muffin
Category Café
Address 8 Chome-3-22 Sakurayama Zushi-shi, Kanagawa-ken 249-0005
Access [map]8 Chome-3-22 Sakurayama Zushi-shi, Kanagawa-ken 249-0005[/map]
Opening Hours Thurs~Sat 11:00~18:00, Sun 12:00~18:00 (Closed Mon~Wed)
Price Range 500 yen~1,500 yen
Payment options Cash
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