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Fugu (blowfish) is world renowned as the famous fish that contains a poison, that, even in the smallest dose will kill a human! Yet, in Japan, its delicious taste has made it so popular that for many fugu is a fish to die for!

fugu fish sashimi slices in Japan

Fugu sashimi, for example, where the fish is sliced into very thin, almost see-though slices is a high priced delicacy in Japan. However, contrary to popular belief about its dangers, fugu may well be the safest food to eat! This is due to the fact that fugu chefs are specially trained and belong to a registered group of professionals making the chance of any of the dangerous poisons from the fugu tainting the prepared flesh almost an impossibility.

The liver part has the most poison and has consequently been banned in Japan in 1984, taking away the highest risk factor. Many people, however, consider the liver to be the fugu’s most delicious part and there are still occasional stories of fugu lovers so eager to taste its delicious delights that they are willing to roll the dice with Death!

fugu fish float

If you want to eat fugu, there will be plenty of options for you wherever you are visiting Japan. Although this fish is a very high-class (meaning very expensive) and qualified chefs are limited, fugu is definitely a fantastic experience to take away with you. Surely, with the danger associated with the fugu being common knowledge around the world, your tales of eating fugu will be one all your friends will be eager to hear about! You may well make many new friends as a result of your experience.

pufferfish or blowfish

Checking restaurants online is of course the easiest way to find your closest fugu restaurant, but there is also another, more enjoyable way to discover its tasty delights, and you can even choose which you would like before it has even been prepared. Fugu restaurants almost always display their dangerous delights, by incorporating the fish tank in which they are contained, into the front facade of the restaurant where they are served! So, if you take a walk around your local vicinity, keeping a look out. You may be lucky and spot the pufferfish swimming around in their tank. If you do, then simply head inside and tell the chef which fugu is your choice, and it will be prepared for you as probably the freshest fish you’ll ever taste!



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