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Onsen, or hot springs resorts, are some of the most famous options for accommodations in Japan. Onsen or hot springs can be large or small, new or old-fashioned, but all encourage guests to have a great experience.

Onsen island in Beppu, makes for one of the top three destinations for hot springs resorts. In the past, the Beppu area was considered a cursed land because of the sulfurous smoke, heat and humidity. Now, though, it’s a popular location for visitors from within Japan and overseas.

Hell of Beppu, an at Onsen Island, hot springs location.

Onsen island, which is in the central part of Oita, has something for almost every traveler. Each accommodation offers varying facilities with different price ranges, types of hot springs, and even the scenery. There are standard public baths, indoor hot springs, pools designed with stones, and even hot springs with views of the forest or the sea.

Onsen hot springs Japanese style room with futons.

Visitors who have never been to onsen or hot springs houses before are advised to read up on the etiquette required before arriving. Getting into a public bath is quite different from bathing at home. Guests enter the public bath nude. No need to worry, though, as the bathing areas are separated between men and women (unless you have booked one of the private springs as a couple). Remove your clothes and store them in a locker in the changing room, then wash your body with soap and rinse off before entering the bath. Do not put your towel in the bath. Stay in the bath no more than 20 minutes to avoid dizziness and dehydration, then leave and wash off your body again before dressing.

Onsen hot springs in room with a table.

Accommodations around the area are quite affordable, starting from about 3,000 yen. The Kita Ishigaki area of Beppu, located near Beppu Bay, is popular as it’s a two-kilometer walk from Beppu Station. It is also near a bus stop for visitors who want to go sightseeing. Beppu is also known for Onsen Spa, which consists of eight of the springs in the surrounding area, including Hamawaki, Beppu, Kankaiji, Myoban, and Kannawa. Visitors can make reservations directly through the individual resorts or through booking websites. Onsen or hot springs are great ways to relax.

Onsen hot spring inn with an interesting seating arrangement nearby.
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