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Perhaps it’s because I stayed at Miyanoura Port that Anbo Port seemed so superior. It has more shops, more people, more sights, better access to hiking routes and water sports along the Anbo river. All in all, the sun just seemed to shine that little bit brighter on Anbo Port.

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The view from Anbo port in Yakushima

In a way, Anbo port is the hub of the island, containing the only commercial shop I could find on the whole of Yakushima, ‘Mos Burger’. In addition to this, it is closer to the natural onsens on the beach, waterfalls, hiking routes, restaurants, museums and botanical sites. It is also home to one of the only ATM machines on the island, alongside the only port office I could find. In conclusion, staying near Anbo port is just more convenient and should save you a lot of time. If I am ever fortunate enough to venture back to Yakushima, this is where you’ll find me.

the bridge close to Anbo port, Yakushima

Anbo port is not only convenient but, with its glistening river and beautiful red bridge, it is also quite beautiful. The river is encapsulated in surrounding foliage and nature, which is simply breathtaking regardless of the season. And, hosting a number of water sports, such as Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP), Kayaking and canoeing, the river is not just for show either.

You can explor the main road in Yakushima

When I ventured out on my paddle board, we were met by a large cave-like area with water dripping and splashing off its surface. It is said that if you catch a drop in your mouth, your dreams will come true. Naturally, we all went close to the rock, heads turned upwards and mouths gaping open to swallow far more than just one drop of the rock’s showering falls. I have always loved the movements of a waterfall and seeing it from the river, was nothing short of a dream come true for me. I could have floated there for hours.

great view with tropical trees in Yakushima

As you progress down the river, it begins to turn into some fairly light rapids, which only enhances the experience, particularly for those looking for some adrenaline infused action. So, If you’re interested in spending a few hours on the water, this is the place to be.

The quiet beach in Yakushima island


Anbo Port is also home to some fantastic bento lunches, the likes of which are rare on Miyanoura Port. The small shop opposite Mos Burger will construct your bento box using a wide range of ingredients and foods, making preparing for your hike an absolute breeze. Simply grab your bento box before you leave, stuff some extra snacks in your bag and you no longer have the worry of not having enough food half way up a mountain.

Nice bento I got in Yakushima!

There is a 'Mos burger' in Yakushima island!

It is well worth looking into hostels near Anbo Port. To me, it seemed to have much better access to the sites I wanted to see and to food which, after eating an average of 3 peanut butter and chocolate sandwiches a day whilst climbing mountains, turned out to be a very important thing.


Check this map for the detail!


A shop in Yakushima island

cozy cafe in Yakushima island

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