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Japanese ramen is a simple, but incredible dish, particularly when it’s professionally cooked for you. Zundouya Ramen is arguably the best place to get delicious Japanese ramen. This little gem is located in Osaka, Japan. While this restaurant offers a few variations of ramen, such as gyoza or kushikatsu, it specialises in tonkotsu dish. Tonkotsu is a standard variation of Japanese ramen. Here in Osaka you will find many little stalls selling many variations, but Zundouya Ramen will amaze with its delicious tonkotsu ramen.

Zundouya Ramen restaurant, tonkotsu ramen

Zundouya Ramen restaurant, tonkotsu ramen 2

Tonkotsu ramen is made in a pork bone broth, so a caution to those travelers who can’t eat pork. There are many different styles of tonkotsu, using different mixes of meat, eggs, greens and spices. But, the dish’s simplicity is what makes it so great. Once you select your bowl of ramen from the menu (I got the motoaji hot ramen), you can select any extras you might want added on top. After this, you make two important decisions: firstly, how rich? And secondly, what noodle type?

Zundouya Ramen restaurant, ramen menu

Zundouya Ramen, more ramen accompanied by appetizers

In the corner of the menu in the picture, you can see an option for how much pig fat you want to thicken up your broth. I personally recommend “regular” because Japanese ramen bowls are deceptively large, and “rich” is just a little too filling. Next you can choose whether or not you want thin or curly noodles. The best part about the noodles, is that you can always order more to top off your ramen broth once you’re ready for seconds!


When eating ramen in Osaka, it is normal to slurp up your noodles. Don’t worry about the noise or looking a bit messy, it’s considered proper ramen-eating manners in Osaka! Zundouya Ramen offers many different seasonings and toppings: chili oil, ginger, soy and many more. I particularly recommend the takana. Takana is pickled leaves, seaweed and herbs; it is particularly special at Zundouya Ramen, and they offer it for purchase as a takeaway souvenir.


Is you decide to eat at Zundouya Ramen, in the heart of Osaka, Japan, here are a few tips:

After being greeted, write down your name on the paper by the door with the number of your party. If Zundouya Ramen is busy, don’t fret, there are benches and hot tea available at no charge while you wait. The menus are located both inside and outside, allowing you to peruse then choose in case of a wait.

Zundouya Ramen restaurant

Menus are available in Korean, Chinese, English and Japanese.

Zundouya Ramen is located on a little side street close to Shinsaibashi’s main walkway. It’s easily spotted by the gigantic paper lantern hanging in front of the restaurant.


Zundouya Ramen restaurant

Name Zundouya Ramen
Category Food/Ramen
Address Osaka Prefecture, Osaka, Chuo Ward, Shinsaibashisuji, 1 Chome−5-7,
Access [map]Osaka Prefecture, Osaka, Chuo Ward, Shinsaibashisuji, 1 Chome−5-7,[/map]
Opening Hours 24/7
Price Range Under 1500 Yen
Payment options Cash
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