When I first visited this katsudon restaurant, I had no idea about its history. From what I could gather from people, this restaurant dates back to the origin of Sauce Katsudon. They say Fukui’s katsudon is the best specialty pork dish one can find in Japan. I have not visited many restaurants in Fukui, but among the ones I have, this one’s certainly the best, especially when it comes to katsudon. They serve absolutely crispy and juicy pork cutlets with a perfect balance of sauce to add to the flavor.

katsudon pork restaurant in Fukui

Main entrance of the restaurant

Yoroppaken came out of the blue as I was wandering about the streets of Fukui in pursuit of a good lunch one lazy Sunday afternoon. It was then that I discovered that the restaurant is only about 700 meters walking distance from Fukui station – a very convenient place to access. They gave me a huge, great meal and I was more than satisfied when I left the restaurant. I came to know later, that the restaurant has a rich history and is more than 90 years old. There were many customers when I had visited the place, so I would recommend you to make a reservation before going. It was only because I had visited late on a Sunday afternoon that I did not have to wait to get a seat and enjoy a nice katsudon meal.

katsudon set lunch at restaurant in Fukui

Food that I had ordered

entrance of katsudon restaurant, Fukui

Entrance of the restaurant

The restaurant’s crowd in Fukui is mainly Japanese, and foreigners are very few. You may have some difficulty if you don’t speak Japanese, but some of the staff do speak English and you can always use google translator. It’s a two story restaurant, but I heard from my friends later, that you might have to wait about 30 minutes to get a seat during lunchtime. I really liked the service of this restaurant. They were very courteous and always filled my glass of water before I finished it. Although I took a long time to eat and there was a constant in-and-out of customers, the bill was neither handed nor was it hinted until I asked for it.

menu of katsudon restaurant, Fukui.

A glimpse of the menu

The decor of Yoroppaken is not fancy by any means. So, if you’re looking forward to a dinner with a great ambience, this isn’t the place to be. Nonetheless, like me if you just want to munch on some juicy and tender katsudon, or just great pork dishes in general, you’ll definitely love this restaurant. The price range of this restaurant is 1000-2000 JPY.

Yoroppaken Access:
From Tokyo, take a Shinkansen bound for Maibara. From Maibara, transfer to a Limited Express Thunderbird 14 to Fukui. The total is 16,050 for reserved seats on both, at 209 minutes.
Alternatively, take a Shinkansen bound for Kanazawa. From Kanazawa, transfer to Limited Express Shirasagi 1 to Fukui. The total is 14,660 Yen for reserved seats on both at 214 minutes.
Walk 10 minutes west from JR Fukui station.
Address〒910-0023 Fukui Prefecture, Fukui, Junka, 1 Chome−7−4
Access[map]〒910-0023 Fukui Prefecture, Fukui, Junka, 1 Chome−7−4[/map]
Opening Hours11:00-20:00
Price Range1,000 - 2,000 Yen
Payment optionsCash
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