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Green tea is ubiquitous in Japan and popular over the world. Originally, green tea came from Kyoto, in the west of Japan. The strong taste of the tea became a favorite of people of all ages, not only in the form of beverages, but also in cakes, sweets, ice cream and many others. The unique taste of green tea, which is little bit more bitter than sweet, can be interesting for people who come to Japan. Moreover, in Japan you will find many restaurants that provide ‘Ocha’, or green tea without any sugar added. Besides green tea, Japan is also famous for its sweets. You can easily find sweet shops, often with funny and interesting shapes and colors. What if we combine both green tea and sweets?

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Green Tea Sweets from Malebranche in Kyoto

It is amazing to know that green tea has become a main ingredient of many sweets, cakes, and ice cream. Malebranche, an old sweet shop based in Kyoto, offers you a different taste and high quality Kyoto goods. Even with 12 stores in Kyoto, you will sometimes need to wait in a long line to taste their products.

line for Green Tea Sweets from Malebranche in Kyoto
Malebranche started its business about 30 years ago and its products have become quite popular amongst both tourists and locals. They often update their product packaging as part of seasonal promotions, which can be quite beautiful. The flavor of their cakes and sweets are so addictive that you won’t be able to stop! Even though Malebranche has become such a popular place, they still offer high quality products at affordable prices.

various Sweets on display from Malebranche in Kyoto

A stand-out from Malebranche is ‘Chanoka’, a kind of langues-de-chat, a sweet biscuit with a white chocolate center, flavored with regional Kyo-Uji’s ‘Okoicha’ (strong tea), the best quality green tea in Kyoto. Just imagine biting into a combination of green tea, with its bittersweet taste, and the sweet flavor of the biscuit, which practically melts on your tongue. Once you’ve tried the Chanoka, it might be hard to stop eating! Malebranche selects only the best ingredients for their products, and they also offer seasonal menu items. For example, this winter season, they have been offered a beautiful Christmas gift, gorgeously wrapped and at an affordable price.

Green Tea Sweets from Malebranche, delicate cake

Malebranche has 12 stores throughout Kyoto, with the original store located in the north of Kyoto. The other branches are quite easy to find, such as the store in Kyoto Station, located on the 6th floor of the Isetan department store. Another one is located in popular tourist spot Gion, famous for its Geisha district and also the Kiyomizudera temple, which must see place in Kyoto!

Green Tea Sweets from Malebranche
Unfortunately, they don’t have a lot of room to eat inside the shop. You may need wait in line for a short while, but people are usually patient, because the taste is worth the wait! It is worth trying as many items from Malebranche as you can. If you want to visit the oldest Malebranche store, you need to head to the Kitayama area. The most convenient way is to take bus number 101, 205 or 206 from Kyoto Station to the Kitaoji bus terminal. Then, take bus number 8 towards Kitayama Street and stop at Shokubutsuen Kitamonmae bus stop and walk for around 5 minutes. It’s right across from Kyoto Botanical Garden so it will be easy to find!

Do not miss the real taste of Matcha green tea from Malebranche!

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