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Stay in a ryokan with stunning sea views and relax in the hot spring.

room view

Tsurusou is located on the coast of the Ariake Sea, near the border between Saga and Nagasaki. It’s a peaceful area with a harbour and mountains in the distance, perfect for a relaxing break.

You arrive to a stylish and warm lobby, with Japanese style seating and a tatami rest area. The staff give you a warm welcome and provide a printed guide to the ryokan in Japanese and English.

Rooms are Japanese style, with tatami mat flooring and a comfortable futon. They also opened a new room in 2016 which is decorated with Arita porcelain – see the Tsurusou Website for more information and photos of this. The window looks onto the sea, and further in the distance you can see magnificent mountains. A small castle stands on a mountain across the water. The views at sunrise and sunset are particularly beautiful!

sunrise over the sea

A view of the sunrise

Hot springs with a sea view

 tara onsen with sea view

The onsen on the second floor has a wonderful view over the sea. Here you can try out the waters of Takezaki Onsen. This is one of Saga’s not so well known hot springs, but definitely has one of the best locations. This a kind of salt water spring, filled with good nutrients to soften your skin and sooth tired muscles. Perfect for body and soul,  take a dip and let the waters soothe you while you admire this amazing view. There is a salt scrub you can try out here as well. If you like it, it is also available in the ryokan gift shop.

The hot spring entrance is marked in English to show which side is for men and which for women.

The hot spring entrance is marked in English to show which side is for men and which for women.


All the facilities you need for a comfortable stay

 a tatami room at tsurusou

Rooms at this ryokan have ensuite bathrooms. The futons are comfortable and extra blankets and pillows are kept in the wardrobe. The main onsen on the second floor is open from 5am to 11pm and guests can use it as much as they like. The second floor also has relaxation areas where you can take a break. One of these has a vending machine and some seats where you can lie down. The other has a selection of Japanese manga you are free to browse. Great places to rest after a nice dip in the hot spring!

The other has a selection of Japanese manga you are free to browse.

This ryokan also has a private bath you can reserve. Availability depends on the weather. From 4pm it is available for reservations at 1,500 yen for 50 minutes. With an open air bath and a magnificent view of the sea, you can relax and enjoy the sunset.

view from tsurusou

On the first floor you can help yourself to free coffee. Take a break in this lounge and relax with as much coffee as you like! The coffee machine is at a bar with a TV, so you can sit here or just take the coffee back to your room and take some more time to admire the sea view. There is also a gift shop here selling various snacks and souvenirs you can take home. If you choose a plan including meals, you can eat the locally fished Takezaki Crab or oysters (the oysters are only available in the winter). You can also try some famous Saga beef here.

If you like Japanese sake, there is an all you can drink offer for 90 minutes! For 2000 yen you have access to their selection of locally brewed sakes. Tsurusou has a wide selection, with around 14 different kinds, so you can try many locally brewed varieties. You can see them on display in the lobby.

tsurusou onsen entrance

Access to the ryokan 

tsurusou ryokan outside

Tsurusou’s nearest station is Hizen-Ooura, which is just a few stops from Tara by local train. The ryokan staff will come to pick you up from the station – you can check your arrival time when you reserve so they can come to the station when you arrive. They also arrange to take you back to the station the next morning. If you tell them your train time they will be sure to get you there on time. Check in is from 15:30 and checkout is 10:00. If you arrive earlier you can leave your luggage at the ryokan. Prices start at around 12,000 including dinner and breakfast.

Though there is a restaurant, there are no convenience stores nearby so be sure to bring any snacks with you. This area is very much in the heart of the countryside! The staff can however recommend some restaurants.

This is a lovely place to stay to experience some of Saga’s wonderful scenery. You can go for a walk along the harbour to take in the sea air and views, and when you go back to the ryokan there are plenty of areas to rest.  Stay here for a chance to really relax and refresh!


sea view outside tsurusou


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Name Tsurusou
Category Ryokan
Address Ooura-nai 928, Fujitsu District, Tara Town, Saga Prefecture, 849-1613
Access [map]Ooura-nai 928, Fujitsu District, Tara Town, Saga Prefecture, 849-1613[/map]
Opening Hours -
Price Range up to plans
Payment options Cash
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