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Tenjin has several large shopping malls all within walking distance of each other. One of the most popular shopping malls is Tenjin Core, with 11 floors of clothing shops and one floor- the 7th– filled with restaurants.

Tenjin Core shopping mall in Tenjin, Fukuoka

Connecting to Tenjin Core, just behind it is Vivre, another shopping mall, and some others within walking distance are Mitsukoshi, Parco and Daimaru. For shopping lovers, there is plenty to keep you occupied!

night view of shopping mall in Tenjin, Fukuoka

Underground is Tenjin Chikagai, which connects Tenjin and Tenjin Minami stations. This was extended in 2005 and continues to have new stores added. Recently the British store Accesorize was added, one of only four in Japan and the first in Kyushu. Another popular shop is Baked Cheese Tart, recently opened as the first branch in Kyushu.

Some shopping centres have big name brands like Chanel and Dior, while others have more affordable shops like the 100 yen store Daiso. Whatever your price range is, keep shopping and you are sure to find something you like.

Daimaru shopping mall in Tenjin, Fukuoka

Daimaru Department Store.

Just south of Tenjin Station is the shopping arcade, Shintencho. This shopping arcade has a more traditional feel to it than the surrounding malls. There are several kinds of shops and cafes, including some selling kimonos and other traditional clothing.

Shintencho, a shopping arcade in Tenjin, Fukuoka

As well as the shops, Tenjin also has cinemas and amusement arcades. Just to the south of the station and adjacent to the Shintencho is a street filled with shopping arcades, pachinko parlors and bars. With all its lights, this area is especially bright and lively at night.

The area outside the town hall hosts events throughout the year, including a ramen festival in November where you can try different kinds of ramen from all over Japan. Whenever you are visiting, you can check websites like Fukuoka Now for further information on what is going on in Tenjin.

Tenjin, Fukuoka in the daytime, where many people can be seen shopping

Daytime in Tenjin.

A popular spot for nightlife is Oyafuko Doori. There are several clubs and bars here and it is a lively, exciting spot especially on Friday and Saturday nights.

The Nishitetsu Railway has a station here which connects to other parts of Fukuoka Prefecture. This station also connects to the Nishitetsu bus centre, providing access to all around Kyushu and further afield.

Nishitetsu Tenjin station/ Tenjin Expressway Bus Terminal

The stylish and fun area of central Fukuoka, Tenjin, has a lively atmosphere both night and day, making it a great place for a day or night out, or both! The area is always bustling with activity and has plenty to see and do. As the central area of Fukuoka City, it is very easy to access and you can easily walk from one mall to the next and explore them.

Name Downtown Tenjin
Category Shopping
Address Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka City, Chuo-ku, Tenjin 2
Access [map]Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka City, Chuo-ku, Tenjin 2[/map]
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Lauren Lewis

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