Fujinomiya: Take a Trip Out of the City

If you are in Fujinomiya for only one day, there are quite a few places you don’t want to miss, so get an early start.

Buses from Fujinomiya Station leave approximately every two hours towards Shiraito Falls and Tanuki Lake. You can get a bus timetable and a one-way ticket at the bus station for about 760 yen. However, it is better to get a return ticket before you set off since there is no proper bus stop to buy a ticket from at the lake or waterfall.

The ticket allows you to get off at the waterfall, then get on the next bus and continue on to Tanuki Lake. You can do that without having to buy another ticket, so make sure you get off at the waterfalls first.

Shiraito Falls

Shiraito Falls near the mountain of Fuji in Fujinomiya.

Shiraito Falls of Fujinomiya is considered one of Japan’s top waterfalls, and it is protected as a part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park.

This waterfall is not huge, but what makes it so beautiful is that there are small waterfalls trickling along the mountain wall. They are in the shape of a half circle, making you feel like you are surrounded by a continuous mountain waterfall. It almost looks like the mountain is crying and floods of tears are trickling all along the walls.

As you are walking from the bus stop toward Shiraito Falls, you also pass the Otodome waterfall, which is quite big but not nearly as beautiful. If you’re lucky and it’s a sunny day, you might see a rainbow over the falls.

Viewpoint of Mount Fuji

A nice view of the mountain of Fuji in Fujinomiya.

There is also a viewpoint at Shiraito Falls where you can get the perfect view of Mount Fuji. The best time to see this famous mountain is early in the morning, when there is less chance of clouds.

Most people come to Fujinomiya because one of the hiking trails up Mount Fuji starts here, but the climbing season is between July and September. If you arrive at any other time, you won’t be able to climb to the top. I’ve been to the top of the mountain, and in my opinion this mountain is much more beautiful from the foot of the mountain, so please enjoy the view.

Tanuki Lake

A lake and forest before the mountain of Fuji in Fujinomiya.

Tanuki Lake of Fujinomiya is one of the best locations for viewing Mount Fuji. It’s also one of the most famous places to witness the “Diamond Fuji”, a natural phenomenon where the sun touches the tip of the mountain as it rises in the morning, making it appear as if a diamond is touching the mountain top.

Tanuki Lake is a popular destination for locals as well. Even though you cannot go swimming here because it’s an man-made lake, you can still enjoy the mountain view, a good picnic, camping, kayaking, and even fishing.

Sengen Shrine

Bridge in Fujinomiya near Mount Fuji.

Sengen Shrine — officially Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha — is the biggest shrine in Fujinomiya, and also the most famous one. Besides Mount Fuji, this shrine is the heart of the city. It plays a big part in all local festivals and holidays.

For New Year’s, the Fujinomiya locals go to the shrine to pray for good luck and enjoy the many food stalls that pop up.

The lake of a shrine in Fujinomiya near Mount Fuji.

In spring, this shrine is one of the most beautiful places for seeing cherry blossoms in full bloom. Mount Fuji is in the background, with the river passing alongside the shrine grounds.

Both children and adults enjoy the tranquility and beauty of this place, with the pond of koi fish and the many blooming flowers.

At this point, you’ve had a pretty long day. Don’t forget to end the day with a dish of yakisoba for dinner at one of the local restaurants, to really soak in the Fujinomiya culture.

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