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You may have seen this dark blue sign (below) in malls, restaurant halls, or storefronts. This logo invites food lovers into a shop with rows and rows of delicious, conveyor belt sushi that’s of much higher quality than the prices suggest. Hamazushi restaurants are located nationwide, with 490 locations to be exact (as of 2017), all the way from the northern tip to the southern tip of Japan. There have even been rumors that Hamazushi hopes to expand globally and spread the joy and tastes of Japanese sushi.

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Hamazushi Conveyor Belt Sushi Cheap Japanese Food Affordable Restaurant Chain

Hamazushi Sushi Chain – How Can We Order Sushi?

This family-friendly restaurant is a casual dining spot for people and groups of all types. From booths to counter seats, there are seating options to fit every group’s needs. In addition to the sushi on the ongoing conveyor belt, there’s an iPad ordering system on every counter and tabletop for you to order everything from sushi to noodles, drinks to desserts. The iPad menu is available in English.

Hamazushi Conveyor Belt Sushi Cheap Japanese Food Affordable Restaurant Chain

Hamazushi Sushi Chain – Prices & Fairs

Prices range from less than ¥100 to around ¥400 per plate, that sometimes includes more than two pieces of sushi. Hamazushi is also great at delivering fresh daily and weekly specials, even seasonal fruits and platters. They often have “fairs” going on, like the example below!

Hamazushi Conveyor Belt Sushi Cheap Japanese Food Affordable Restaurant Chain

An example of fair items. Image from Hamazushi website.

Even if you’re not the biggest fan of raw seafood, fear not—there are so many other delicious options! Many items are non-traditional, such as corn and tuna sushi or avocado rolls. If sushi is a no-no for you, try the ramen or soba noodles and fried dishes…or stick to your sweet tooth with desserts and fruits. At a conveyor belt dining spot, you’re the boss of the portions and food combinations—no one can stop you! It makes for a great spot to visit with friends who have a different taste in food, or families with picky little eaters around.

This chain is a personal favorite of my friends and family. With so many locations its known, tested, and trusted by many across the country . Next time you see the Hamazushi sign, take a peek inside—you won’t be able to resist the food you see!

Hamazushi General Information

Japanese home page here.

For locations click here.

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