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Karatsu is a city in Saga prefecture, facing the ​​Genkai sea. The city is known for Karatsu castle, Karatsu ceramics, pine forests and the famous Nanatsugama caves, sculpted by the waves. In this article, I  would like to talk about Mount Kagami where you can admire the beautiful view of the Karatsu bay. At the peak, there is even a nice shrine to visit.

Kagamiyama Park in Karatsu

Mount Kagami in Karatsu rises 284 meters above sea level. It is known as a place to observe spectacular views of Karatsu city, as well as the famous Niji-no-Matsubara beach at Karatsu Bay. On a clear day, you can even see Iki island in Nagasaki Prefecture! To reach the summit, just follow the path for about 5 km. The park at the top is beautiful and features a wide pond. In May, the azaleas must be in full bloom, so it would be a beautiful time to visit. Different trails lead to the park’s various places of interest.

Kagamiyama park, Karatsu, Saga

The beautiful pond in Kagamiyama park

The map of Kagamiyama park, Karatsu, Saga, Japan

The map of Kagamiyama park

Kagamiyama Shrine

At the top, there is a pretty shrine with beautiful red torii gates, and beautiful statues dedicated to Inari.

the torii gate of Kagamiyama shrine, Saga

The torii which lead to Kagamiyama shrine

An another torii which also leads to the Kagamiyama shrine, Karatsu.

An another torii which also leads to the shrine

Kagamiyama shrine, Karatsu, Saga.

The main shrine

The inari statue of Kagamiyama shrine, Karatsu, Japan.

The inari statue

The red torii which leads to Kagamiyama shrine in Karatsu

The red torii of this shrine

The Kagamiyama Observatory

Only a 5-minute walk from the shrine, you should definitely go to the observatory. From here, you can see the whole of Karatsu city – Karatsu castle and all the islands in the bay and the famous landscape of Niji no Matsubara beach, where Jacques Mayol often visited. There are also beautiful 360-year-old pine forest along Niji no Matsubara.

Niji no Matsubara beach at Karatsu, Saga, Japan

Niji no Matsubara beach, Karatsu, Saga, Japan


How to Get There

  • By car: the easiest way. From Karatsu station, it takes about 20 minutes (9.0km). At the top, there is the parking lot for free.
  • By bus: Take the Showa bus bound for Hirota at the Karatsu Oteguchi Bus Center and get off at Kagamiyama Iriguchi stop. (¥310/17minutes)

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