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I reached Okinawa during autumn, and was surprised by the sudden difference of temperature from Tokyo. I was gulping down the last traces of water I had, when the idea of renting a car struck me. I thought it would be a good idea to rent a car in such a weather for a comfortable trip. Given the weather and stretch of the city, renting a car is definitely a good idea in Okinawa.


Here is the Indoor area of the store at the Naha international airport

Indoor area of the store


This is my free transfer service at Okinawa

My free transfer service


using OTS rental car services ,you can drive around okinawa

Ots rental car services

I was trying to search some stores that rent out cars at cheap prices. I found a store where international driving licenses are also accepted. The name of the store is OTS Rent a Car. I gave them a call and luckily there was a car that was available. I would advise anyone to make a pre reservation if time permits, just in case there is no availability of cars. To make a pre reservation the following information will be needed.

1. Rental period
2. Number of passengers inclusive of the person driving the car
3. Number of cars
4. Customer’s name
5. Contact number

The store also provides free transfer services from hotel or airport. When I made this reservation, they arranged for a pick up for me at very short notice. I just had to provide my flight number and whereabouts.  Provisional driving licenses are not accepted by this store.


Driving rules and requirements for international drivers:

If you are not a driver license holder of Japan then you will require the following documents in order to drive a car in Japan.

  • International Driving Permit
  • Foreign Driver’s License  of the following countries are accepted in Japan :Taiwan, Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Slovenia & Monaco
  • Residents of Japan will need a Japanese Driver’s License (If not, your passport is required. )

Without the required documents, you will not be able to drive in Japan as you will be treated as “driving without license” and will be penalized accordingly if you are caught driving w⁄o valid documents.

Okinawa sunset view from the car is impressively beautiful

Okinawa sunset view from the car


Okinawa beach area

Okinawa beach area


A driving license and international driving permit is mandatory for renting the car. When I made a reservation, I got a reservation number which was used for all the future references. Before handing over the car to us , they inspected the car thoroughly to check for dents or scratches.  The tank was full so while returning the car, we had to refill it back again. Prescribed fuel charge is usually levied if tank is not full.

We returned the car before 5.00pm so I was also given  a free transfer service to the hotel. For more information about the car renting facilities you can click here. If you want to make reservations or get in touch with the store please click here.


Meghalee Goswami

Meghalee Goswami

Hey everyone! I am a passion driver traveler and a lazy moody writer. I hope I can bring my travel experiences of Japan to you and spark the light of connection between us.

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