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In northern Saga, enjoy relaxing in Furuyu Onsen while admiring the surrounding landscape.

enjoy relaxing in Furuyu Onsen while admiring the surrounding landscape.


A beautiful Hot Spring Town steeped in Nature

Though perhaps Saga is more famous for its onsen in Ureshino and Takeo, Furuyu Onsen is a beautiful natural hot spring located north of Saga City, surrounded by natural landscape. This hot spring is said to have been first discovered over 2000 years ago. The waters are believed to have various health benefits.

The town is hidden away in the beautiful mountain landscape. It’s a wonderful place to relax surrounded by nature.

Furuyu Onsen is known for its healing properties. It is believed that the nutrients in the water can help with joint pain. In fact, when the springs were first discovered it is said that local people saw a crane dipping its leg into the waters to heal an injury.

furuyu onsen bathtub


Be healed and refreshed in the nutrient rich Water

Another of Furuyu’s benefits is the nutrients it has for skin. After a nice dip in the spring your skin will feel soft and smooth! The water in Furuyu Onsen is known for being not as hot as other hot springs, allowing you to stay in and soak for longer. The average temperature of the water is around 38 degrees celcius. As well as the benefits for your skin and joints, it is also believed to have health benefits if you drink it. One of these is insomnia relief!

This Ryokan has a hot spring on the second floor which guests can access from 6am until 11pm. Access to this is of course included in your room price so take as long as you like to soak in this natural hot spring. This is also where you can wash – if you are unfamiliar with onsen culture, just be sure to do any washing before you get into the water. Shampoo, conditioner and body wash is provided.

Ryokan interior in Furuyu onsen


Taking a dip in the Hot Spring

There are curtains over the entrance to the spring, with the left red curtain for the women’s entrance and the right green one for men. Just outside the spring there is a vending machine with milk. It’s popular in Japan to drink this after having a soak in the hot spring, so you can try that here.

onsen curtains by gender

From your room you have a stunning view over the nearby river and surrounding mountains. Saga’s Kase River runs right alongside the Ryokan and is surrounded by abundant nature. You can relax to the soothing sounds of the river and take in the amazing view. The room has a table and chairs by the window where you can sit back, relax and admire the view.

furuyu room view

In the Ryokan you can enjoy a night in a traditional style Japanese room with tatami flooring and a comfortable futon to sleep on. This is all prepared for your arrival.

room at furuyu


All the Facilities you need for a comfortable Stay

The Ryokan also has free wifi access and breakfast is included in the room price when I was staying there. When the staff shows you to your room they bring you complimentary green tea and some snacks. With all these facilities you have everything you need!

Staff at this Ryokan (and many others in the town) do not speak English, so for help with this you can contact the Saga Travel Call Center. This free service is available 24 hours a day, all year round and can help you with translation. As well as English, they also have French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese,Russian,Korean, Chinese(Mandarin & Cantonese),Vietnamese , Indonesian and Thai speakers.

ryokan reception in Furuyu onsen


Where to eat?

If you get hungry, you can eat in the hotel restaurant though their meals cost around ¥3000. For something a bit cheaper, the restaurant “Kitchen 10” is just a five minute walk away. Their meals are around ¥1000 and they have a nice selection along with tea and coffee. There’s a nice warm atmosphere here too, perfect for a coffee break before you head back into the hot springs!

One thing to remember before you go is that there are no convenience stores in this area, so if you need any other food it’s best to bring something with you. Your room has a fridge so you can bring chilled food and drinks.

Furuyu onsen Ryokan


Getting to Furuyu and back

You can get to Furuyu Onsen by bus from Saga Bus Center every hour. It takes around 30 minutes and once you get closer to the town you can enjoy the stunning views of the nature. The bus journey costs 890 yen one way. If you rent a car you can park this at your ryokan. One night in this ryokan including breakfast costs 7000 yen, and they also have a 3 meal plan for 13,000 yen for one night.

Ikebana flower decoration in Furuyu onsen ryokan

Furuyu is a wonderful spot in Saga to escape to nature and enjoy the natural benefits of its famous hot springs. A stay here in the deep countryside of Saga with plenty of time to relax in the springs will leave you feeling refreshed.

ryokan outside


Need Help? Contact the Saga Travel Call Center

24/7 Assistance available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese,Russian,Thai, Korean, Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese), Vietnamese and  Indonesian!!

Name Chikumasou Ryokan
Category Ryokan
Address 878 Furuyu Fuji-cho, Saga 840-0501, Saga Prefecture
Access [map]878 Furuyu Fuji-cho, Saga 840-0501, Saga Prefecture[/map]
Opening Hours Check in : from 14:00
Price Range 7000 yen plus
Payment options Cash
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Lauren Lewis

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