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Transportation takes a unique form on Nagasaki City Tram

City tram as it comes to a platform.

Transportation in Japan is often identified with the shinkansen, or bullet train. Its high technology and futuristic design makes the shinkansen an attractive option for travelers seeking a fast, convenient mode of transportation.

City tram as it pulls up to the platfrom in Nagasaki

Transportation in the city need not be so slick and fast, however. In addition to the shinkansen, the historic city of Nagasaki in Kyushu offers an alternative option in its city tram line, which is ideal for sightseeing.

Modern kind of city tram for sightseeing
Modern kind of city tram for sightseeing

Tram systems are common sights around Japan, but the one in Nagasaki city is unique. This is a more old-fashioned mode of transportation, taking passengers around the city for a cheap price — only 120 yen per ride, or 60 yen for children. Its retro design gives it a unique look, and it is a comfortable and convenient option despite each train having only one or two cars. For 500 yen, visitors can purchase a day pass that gives them unlimited streetcar rides. The tram in Nagasaki runs from 6:00 to 23:00 each day, with departures every 10 to 20 minutes.

Map line of Nagasaki city tram
Map line of Nagasaki city tram
Track of city tram in Nagasaki
Track of city tram
City tram schedule of Nagasaki
City tram schedule
Old style of Nagasaki city tram
Old style of Nagasaki city tram

Nagasaki’s city tram has four lines that can be differentiated by their color. The blue line is for Sumiyoshi, Peace Park, Nagasaki Station, Yumesaito Mall, and Hamano-machi; the red line is for Sumiyoshi, Peace Park, Nagasaki Station, City Hall, and Suwa Shrine; the yellow line is a short route between Hamano-machi and Suwa Shrine; the green line is for Glover Garden; and the white line is a combination of the blue, red, and yellow lines.

Using the city tram is different from other modes of transportation. Passengers just need to get on and sit down until they reach their station. When close to any destination, the driver will announce the name of the station. If you want to get off, push a nearby button to signal the driver. A payment machine is near the exit door — just put your 120 yen in the machine and get off. Another advantage of the city tram is that its tracks run down the city streets, making it easy to find for travelers looking for a new and unique experience in this city of Japan.

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