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Fujinomiya is a small town at the foot of Mount Fuji. It’s most famous as a starting point for one of the hiking trails up Mount Fuji. However, many tourists opt to stay the night in town before setting off for hiking Mount Fuji.

Fujinomiya is not known for its shopping, but if you are visiting and happen to have some time on your hands, take a look at these three interesting shops.


One of various shops in Fujinomiya near Fuji.

For all the bohemian people out there visiting Fujinomiya.

A lovely lady with a gecko lizard owns a unique shop a five minute walk from the Fujinomiya train station. She sells clothes and accessories with a bohemian touch, inspired by Nepal. You can find a lot of strong colors, patterns, and fabric-dye in this place.

If you buy several items and have some charm, you might be able to get a discount on your purchase. The best thing about this place aside from the owner is that the clothes you buy are not mass-produced, meaning you will go home with a unique item.

One of various shops in Fujinomiya near Fuji.

How to get there: From Fujinomiya station, walk straight (with the railway behind you), pass 7-Eleven on your right and continue straight till you get to the big crossroads with the traffic lights. Cross and continue straight. The shop is on your left side, just after you cross the street. It is almost impossible to miss with mannequins of rainbow clothes outside.

Second LIFE

One of various shops in Fujinomiya near Fuji.

Second shop in Fujinomiya for all of us who like knick-knacks.

Second-hand shops don’t have a big market in Japan, which makes it a great place to find bargains. If you like trinkets and odd things, you should visit this second-hand shop. It’s a bit off from the city center and would take you half an hour by foot, but it’s worth the walk.

This “recycle shop” (second-hand shops are called recycle shops in Japan) sells everything from traditional Japanese tansu (Japanese chest of drawers), household items, toys, and clothes very cheaply. I bought a lampshade for my hallway for 700 yen, approximately US$6. You can also find Japanese teapots and, if you’re lucky, even a kimono.

A sign for one of various shops in Fujinomiya near Fuji.

Address: 〒418-0041 Shizuoka-ken, Fujinomiya-shi, Yodogawachō, 16−13. Put it into Google Maps and it will take you there in 30 minutes by foot from Fujinomiya Station.


A street lined with shops in Fujinomiya near Fuji.

For the families

A five-minute walk from Fujinomiya Station, you will find a narrow street lined with small shops. Among many other shops, you can find some second-hand shops, fruit stalls, a shop that sells custom made hanko (a Japanese stamp used to identify yourself), and a toy shop. It’s not a bad stop if you’re visiting Mount Fuji.

The toy shop in particular is interesting to have a look at since it sells some unusual toys that will make a good souvenir to bring home. There are probably Mount Fuji toys as well.

This street sees the most action during the local festivals. During these times, the street comes alive with decorations, and parades pass through this street as the kids enjoy the festivities. It would be a good idea to plan your Mount Fuji trip to coincide with the festivals.

How to get there: Walk straight from the train station (with the railway behind you). You will pass Suruga Bank on your left. Continue past the bank and past the 7-Eleven. Turn left at the next street after 7-Eleven. You will recognize the street by the big beige arch that leads into Omiyachou Street.


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