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Daimyo and Imaizumi, Hip and Cool District in Hakata, Fukuoka

Right next to Tenjin, the areas of Daimyo and Imaizumi in Fukuoka bustle with a large selection of shops and a variety of activities to do including an exciting nightlife. So go crazy shopping or spend the night out drinking til dawn!

shopping around Daimyo and Imaizumi, Fukuoka

Daimyo and Imaizumi in Fukuoka, Where is Located in?

The Daimyo and Imaizumi areas are just south of Tenjin. These areas are especially lively at night, lit up by the  bright city lights full of people shopping and party owls.

shopping and nightlife in Daimyo and Imaizumi, Fukuoka

The Attractions in Daimyo / Imaizumi Area, Fukuoka

Some the biggest stores such as H&M, Zara and Forever 21 often have sales, so if you’re shopping for a bargain it’s worth checking them out, since the stores in the nearby Tenjin area tend to be more expensive. If you find the need to pick up some extra clothes while on holiday, H&M in particular is a great place to try.

H&M, Forever 21. shopping in Fukuoka.

Anime, Manga, and Video Games available in Daimyo / Imaizumi area, Fukuoka

For fans shopping for Japanese anime and manga, the Fukuoka branch of Mandarake, a second-hand anime goods store, is located near Akasaka station. There are two floors of anime goods, video games and costumes to enjoy, including some very rare collectibles at high prices.

The area becomes less crowded as you move further away from Tenjin. However it can still get busy, especially on weekdays and evenings (as expected). If you’re looking to take a break from shopping you can find several cafes and restaurants, some of which are especially popular with long lines outside. The cafes and restaurants range from a variety of price ranges so you can find something affordable or go for something more extravagant!

For Foods and Drinks in Daimyo / Imaizumi Area, Fukuoka

In Daimyo and Imaizumi area in Hakata, Fukuoka , you can see some hidden restaurants like this.

Daimyo and Imaizumi are especially popular for drinking parties. At night the area becomes alive with large groups of party people ready to enjoy a fun evening. With a big selection of izakayas (Japanese styled restaurant) around the area, it would  be difficult not to enjoy the vibrant and fun atmosphere, the perfect formula for a great night out! On Fridays and weekends, izakayas can get quite crowded, but with a variety of others available you can usually find somewhere that’ll suit your needs!

restaurant and in Hakata, Fukuoka

You can reach the Daimyo and Imaizumi shopping and nightlife areas via a short walk from Tenjin, or by taking the underground to Akasaka Station. With everything it has to offer for a day or night out, from shopping, food, and drinks, Daimyo and Imaizumi is a great place if you’re itching for the city life!


Name Daimyo / Imaizumi area
Category Shopping / Restaurant / Bar
Address 1-15-1 Daimyo Chuou-ku Fukuoka Japan
Access [map]1-15-1 Daimyo Chuou-ku Fukuoka Japan[/map]
Opening Hours -
Price Range -
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Lauren Lewis

I'm from the UK and I've lived in Kyushu since 2011, four years in Saga and now in Fukuoka City. I love living here and look forward to sharing some of what it has to offer!

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