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Among the famous Thirty-six views of Mount Fuji painted by Hokusai around 1830, the 25th is a view of Enoshima. This island is known to offer superb views of Mount Fuji!

I must admit that I am not a lucky person with Fujisan, as he is often hidden by clouds when I come to see him. The weather was cloudy and wet during my visit to Enoshima and I could only guess at its shape. But, by focusing on the winter months and choosing a day where the sky is clear, you have a good chance to admire Mount Fuji and take great pictures. I will show you some of the best views, but do not hesitate to survey the island looking for other places.

Views of Mount Fuji with Enoshima Island

Some view points are not on the island, which allows us to admire Enoshima together with Mount Fuji, like Hokusai’s painting.

From Inamuragasaki Park, we can experience a panoramic view of Mount Fuji, Enoshima Island, and the coastline. It is a very nice place where you can climb the hill to admire the landscape, but also overlook the beach.

The Mount Fuji and Enoshima view from Imamuragasaki Park.

Mount Fuji and Enoshima view from Imamuragasaki Park.

Enoshima view

The day of my visit: Mount Fuji was hidden by the clouds, but still it is beautiful to admire the view! As you approach the island from the Koshigoe fishing port dyke, the view includes Enoshima, Mount Fuji and the coast.

Vue sur le Mont Fuji depuis le port de Koshigoe

The view from the beach is also beautiful, with Mount Fuji rising above the sea. As you can see, the sunset is superb.

Mount Fuji landscape

Views of Mount Fuji from Enoshima Island

To reach the island, I advise you cross the bridge on foot which connects it to the mainland. The walk from the station is not very long and the view of Mount Fuji from the bridge is astounding.

Mount fuji from Enoshima Bentenbashi Bridge

A place not to be missed is the observatory of the Enoshima Sea Candle, which stands on the island at nearly 42 meters high (101.5 meters above sea level). You can admire a 360 ° panorama that includes the Sagami Bay, the Pacific Ocean, and of course Mount Fuji. (entrance 500 yen, including the Samuel Cocking Botanical Garden).

the observatory of the Enoshima Sea Candle

Mount fuji view from Enoshima

Continuing on the path through the small streets to the western edge of the island, we reach a beautiful point of view. Though it is hidden at the end of a small alley and stairs, the sign indicates the direction to take a beautiful photo.

The map to the view point of Mount Fuji

Just a few steps to go down to reach the coast.

Just a few steps to go down to reach the coast.

And here is the view of Mount Fuji which is most prized Enoshima: the Chigoga-fuchi pit, particularly popular for its sunsets. In addition to offering an exceptional view, the place is very beautiful, with its rocks facing into the sea. At the end of the island, you can have the feeling of being very far from everything.

the Mount Fuji view from the Chigogafuchi pit in Ennoshima, Japan.

What if Mount Fuji Doesn’t Show up?

Although I did not have the chance to see Mount Fuji, I do not regret my day spending time in Enoshima from east to west. This sacred island, whose history goes back more than a thousand years, has many other things to offer.

Not to mention, even without Mount Fuji, observing the coastline and the ocean would worth the trip. I was not the only one to admire and photograph the scenery.

Enoshima close to Tokyo

In addition, the alleys of the island have a lot of charm, whether it’s a shopping street with souvenir shops, restaurants and food stalls; or houses, which are much less frequented by visitors.

Enoshima old town street, close to Tokyo.

Enoshima old town street, close to Tokyo.

Lastly…cats. I came across many cats walking around Enoshima. Some cats are proud to see people passing by, or staring at you with the head of mobsters, but others are quite willing to be cared for and given attention.

Enoshima old town street, close to Tokyo.

Enoshima old town street, close to Tokyo.

General Information

More information about Enoshima and the surrounding area on the Fujisawa City Tourism Official website. You will find all the necessary information to prepare your trip.

For more information on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, visit the official website.

You can also visit the Enoshima Olympic Week website.

How to Get There?

Enoshima is within walking distance of Enoshima (Enoden), Katase-Enoshima (Odakyu line) and Shonan-Enoshima (Shonan monorail) stations. Allow about 1 hour from Tokyo or Yokohama and about 20 minutes from Kamakura.

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Clémentine Cintré

Clémentine Cintré

En septembre 2017, je quittai la France et mon travail dans un centre de danse contemporaine pour m'installer au Japon. Quelques jours plus tard, je séjournais dans une ferme à Oita pour écrire mon premier article pour Voyapon — dont j'allais devenir rédactrice en chef deux ans plus tard. Si vous visitez Kyoto en août, il est probable que vous me croisiez lors des fêtes de Bon Odori. Deux autres de mes passions sont les îles et les chats, et ça tombe bien : le Japon a de quoi me combler dans ces deux domaines. 

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