The vast majority of Japan’s roughly 120 million people live together in large urban areas, leaving most of Japan’s rugged terrain free to explore in relative solitude. Thousands of islands and hectares of forested mountains hide locations calling out to adventurers from around the world.

The countryside is where we find Japan’s hidden gems: crystal steams of spring waters cascading over waterfalls, ancient trails used by pilgrims and travelers centuries ago, rope bridges suspended over steep rocky gorges. Cyclists can take scenic rides through the mountains or along the coastline for a few days or a few hours. You can hang glide from the side of a mountain or scale an ancient volcano. The possibilities for an active outdoor holiday in Japan are endless.

For those who enjoy a slower pace of life, Japan offers many experiences that are unique to this amazing country. Learn to make traditional Japanese crafts like ceramics or paper. Practice ancient traditions like tea ceremony or zen meditation. Or lie back and relax in one of the thousands of onsen hot springs found all over the country, indoors and out.

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