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Genjiyama Park and Kewaizaka Pass in Kamakura

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Kamakura city’s Kewaizaka Pass, lies a little more than a kilometer from the station, towards Kaizō-ji Temple. Head straight after exiting Kamakura station’s south exit, and there should be a large green sign that reads “Kinokuniya”. Once you reach the light, take a right; after that, you are free to continue until you reach an underpass. Be careful not to go under the bridge, and instead to follow the path at the left.

Before hiking Keiawaizaka Pass for Genjiyama Park, walk from Kamakura station

Disregarding Genjiyama Park and Kewaizaka Pass, Kamakura has many historical landmarks, so navigating using signposts can become confusing. Heading towards Kewaizaka Pass, eventually you will come to a post that lists various other temples or paths. When you get there, straight will take you to Kaizō-ji Temple, while the path on the left will take you to Kewaizaka Pass. The post with the four sign boards pictured below is the landmark you will be keeping an eye out for. This is where you take a left and follow that part straight the entire way.

Before hiking Kewaizaka Pass for Genjiyama Park, follow the correct signange

If you’r hiking a road that looks like this, you are on the right track. Follow this road all the way for Keiwaizaka pass.

A hill before Kewaizaka Pass hiking along the path towards Genjiyama Park, Kamakura

A little hiking before Genjiyama Park through Kewaizaka Pass, Kamakura

Genjiyama Park lies beyond Keiwaizaka Pass, and if this is what you see, you have arrived at the right place. The pass will zig-zag back and up towards the park, while only taking a short time to traverse. Keiwaizaka Pass itself had great historical military importance, when it was one of seven major entrances into Kamakura. Because it has seen fighting – a significant battle once took place here – the Keiwaizaka Pass had been declared a historical landmark. Hiking until the very top brings you to a cement road just before Genjiyama Park.

A little hiking through Kewaizaka Pass before Genjiyama Park, Kamakura

A little rough hiking patch along Kewaizaka Pass before Genjiyama Park, Kamakura

Small Kewaizaka Pass under Genjiyama Park, Kamakura

While hiking up the pass, you will see the zig zag progression pictured above. Steepness is the only thing that might make hiking a hassle, but rocks throughout the most steep areas will give enough footing to get up easily. Once you are finally at the road past Keiwaizaka pass, Genjiyama Park will be at your right. It is an amazingly beautiful park, with various types of trees around picnic areas. There is even a statue of Minamoto no Yoritomo, the shogun who started the Kamakura government.

Genjiyama Park entryway after hiking Kewaizaka Pass, Kamakura

Picnic upon Genjiyama Park past Kewaizaka Pass, Kamakura

This looked like a special outing, as there were many kids ranging from elementary to high school age out at the park enjoying the day. Even without any trees having blossomed, it is still a very attractive, well-maintained park. With the many trees lined up along the roadside, it is easy imagining how beautiful Genjiyama Park is once they are fully bloomed. The park is also a great place for hanami, the Japanese custom of cherry blossom viewing.

Even after hiking Kewaizaka Pass you are below Minamoto no Yoritomo's gaze, Genjiyama Park, Kamakura

The statue of Minamoto no Yoritomo. The first shogun of the Kamakura Shogunate.

Downwards hiking along Genjiyama Park pathway, unlike Kewaizaka Pass, Kamakura

Skies open after hiking into Genjiyama Park through Kewaizaka Pass, Kamakura

Small shrubberies trimmed around Genjiyama Park, enjoyable after hiking through Kewaizaka Pass from Kamakura station

Flower bloom among Genjiyama Park blossoms, hiking treat after Kewaizaka Pass, Kamakura

As pictured above, Genjiyama Park is a total immersion in nature and beautifully-kept flower gardens.The park is especially beautiful during the spring when life and nature fill the park as everything reaches full bloom. Whether you enjoy time spent relaxing with friends, or just the overall splendor of the outdoors, Genjiyama Park will provide the atmosphere for both.

NameKewaizaka Pass
Address4 Chome-14-7 Ōgigayatsu Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa-ken 248-0011
Access[map]4 Chome-14-7 Ōgigayatsu Kamakura-shi, Kanagawa-ken 248-0011[/map]
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