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After spending the night in a luxury ryokan and enjoying a dinner cruise special experience, I have discovered more about Hita City, specifically its neighborhood Mameda, nicknamed Little Kyoto!

Mameda, A Well Preserved Old Town

In Japan, there are many places nicknamed Little Kyoto. One of which is Hita city in Oita prefecture on Kyushu. The atmosphere in this district of Mameda, originally built in a prosperous area at the beginning of the Edo period, is quite interesting. Indeed, many historic buildings in this area have been well-preserved.

A well-preserved street in Hita

The Mameda district is in the northern part of the city. The streets throughout this area are easily walkable. Mameda includes two streets from North to South and five from East to West). All the streets are lined with traditional Japanese houses renovated as cafés, museums, or shops. As you stroll around, don’t forget to stop by the tourist information center to get a tourist map.

A side street in Mameda, in Oita Prefecture

On the main street, you might notice two things: gas lamps, showing the town’s wish to preserve the street’s authenticity without electric cables. They are buried underground to make it feel even more beautiful! As you walk further, do not hesitate to sneak into the narrower streets, everything is so enchanting.

Not far from one of the bridges is the sake shop: Kuncho Sake, established in 1702. I recommend you stop by and go inside to visit their museum.

In the streets, there are various Japanese handicraft shops: traditional Japanese shoes (geta), wooden boards, wicker baskets, bamboo objects, etc.

You will also come across this beautiful building, with its beautiful ocher coating. It is now divided into small shops.

How to Get to Mameda Hita

It is located 15–20 minutes on foot from JR Hita station

Translated by: Aika Ikeda
Sponsored by Tourism Oita



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