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Islands famous all over the world for their cultivated and natural pearls. Host of one of the most romantic and famous sightseeing cruises in the southwest of Japan. Are you searching for a place to have an unforgettable romantic date? Take your plans for a cruise far and beyond, and visit Nagasaki’s Kujukushima.

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Sunset sightseeing cruise in Nagasaki's Kujukushima, famous for pearl cultivation.

The Sunset cruises – usually scheduled during Golden Week and weekends between July and October – are more than a trip. They are really a voyage filled with the great feeling of close contact with nature.

The sightseeing cruises are available in different types. One of the most popular is aboard the “Pearl Queen;”  a charming ship that departs from the maritime terminal of the Sakai Pearl Sea Resort, and takes its passengers in a circuit, going sightseeing of the many islands that integrate the famous archipelago.

sightseeing cruise

“Pearl Queen”

Pearl Queen, a sightseeing cruise ship

The “Pearl Queen” takes you on one of the most romantic and famous sunset views in all Japan.

gold figurine on the bowspirit of a sightseeing cruise ship

Inside a cruise ship

With three levels of deck available to passengers, you can wander about the boat and decide if you prefer the commodity of the inside area

Looking out from a cruise ship

Take leisure in your cruise trip, safe and protected from the wind.

Lower deck of a cruise ship in Nagasaki's Kujukushima

Enjoy the breeze in the hallways of the lower deck of the cruise ship.

Upper deck of sightseeing cruise ship

Have fun and move around all over the upper deck to enjoy the view.

climb up a spiral staircase of a sightseeing cruise

You can even climb the watch tower to have a high perspective during your cruise and enjoy the most amazing view of the scenery.

sunset view from a sunset sightseeing cruise in Nagasaki's Kujukushima, famous for pearl cultivation.

This 55-minute cruise trip is absolutely worth it for the sunset.

Nagasaki's Kujukushima, where pearl is cultivated and harvested

“Kujukushima” or literally 99 Islands, is in reality the place with the highest number of islands in all Japan.

Nature’s true treasure, this archipelago encompasses 208 largely uninhabited islands. More than just a pearl or two, you can also find a wide variety of plants and animals that are exclusive to this area, and are no longer seen in the rest of the world.

pearl cultivating zone in Nagasaki's Kujukushima

Pearl cultivating zone.

If you are feeling curious about the process behind the pearl cultivation and harvesting in Kujukushima, the Kujukushima Visitor’s Center near the docks is a goldmine (or pearl mine!) of information available to everyone. Inside the aquarium Umi Kirara, they have a pearl harvesting activity. For 600 yen, you can open an oyster and harvest a pearl for yourself or your special one.

finished pearl product from Nagasaki's Kujukushima

The real touch of magic for the tourists is that the pearl that you get, can vary in a wide range of color and shape, like this pear shaped pearl. It makes an unique and special surprise for each costumer.

The 99 Islands are a very precious natural resource. As such, check the following link, which has a quick guide in English about the manners to follow in your visit. For more information on the Kujukushima cruise, please visit the official page in English.

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