“Beni Kirishima”
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Matsumoto Azalea Park, a Flower Paradise in Nagasaki!

Azalea Blooming in Spring! Near Omura City, just about an hour drive from Nagasaki city, you have the opportunity to experience a magical wonderland. These multicolored blooms will make you feel as though you are inside a painting. Plan your trip to the Flower Festival in Matsumoto Azalea Park! If…
The cherry blossoms in Kodago before the train.
Map for how to get to the cherry blossoms in Kodago.
For a better access,here is a detailed draw over the access map, so you will not miss it. Follow the pink points to walk under the Cherry Blossoms.
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Nagayo Kodago Cherry Blossoms. Walk in to a tunnel of pink petals.

Explore the hidden very beautiful walk under the cherry treesby the side of a river previously only known by locals in Kodago, Nagayo.