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Nagashima Resort, located along Mie prefecture’s seaside and less than 2 hours from Nagoya, offers a variety of fun activities for family and friends. It comprises five main places that will satisfy everyone, from the amusement park thrill seeker to the peaceful garden stroller!

Enjoyable Nagashima Resort amusement park water ride, a thrilling choice over the garden

Let’s fly!

Nagashima Resort amusement park & garden entrance

Nagashima Spaland Amusement Park ticket.


Nagashima Resort amusement park alongside flower garden

A lovely day at Nagashima Resort.

An amusement park featuring adrenaline-rushing water rides along with swimming pools named Nagashima Spaland is the resort’s highlight attraction, . The park also includes Nabana no Sato, a beautiful flower garden, Nagashima Spa Yuami no Shima – a hot spring complex – and Mitsui outlet park. One day isn’t enough for the entirety of Nagashima Resort, but with well managed time you can enjoy most activities at the park over one whole day.

One Nagashima Resort ride, amusement park making pleasant passes over the garden


For the garden, amusement park, outlet mall, and enjoying all Nagashima Resort to its fullest, a day trip is worthwhile. Admission fee starts from 1600 yen and you can find the brochures and other information in English here. It takes 2 hours from Kyoto by Kintetsu Line Express. The private railway offers a 5 day pass for a mere 3800 yen over the whole Kansai, Mie and Nagoya area. The last station is Kuwana station. From there, a bus will take you to the resort for 510 yen one way.

I saw Nagashima Resort for the first time while riding a bus from Tokyo to Kyoto, noticing the amusement park. It was quite a fantastic sight seeing a giant roller coaster – the longest roller coaster I had ever seen in my life, at that! When I arrived at Nagashima Resort for the first time during late spring, I was so excited! From what I saw there were more than 7 kinds of roller-coasters. Be ready for a good scream!

One ride particularly, called the Acrobat, is a new type of roller coaster that will make you feel as if you’re flying through the air like a superhero! It was so thrilling that I rode it once more.


Nagashima Resort from on high, amusement park alongside garden park

A beautiful view of the park from the park’s ferris wheel

The resort is filled with exciting activities you can enjoy until 17:00. You can also take a short break for lunch and other leisurely activities aside the park area. If you leave the resort, the staff will stamp your hand for re-entry. If you’re afraid of roller coasters, taking a peaceful stroll among the garden may be a better idea.

If you get the chance, Nagoshima Resort is the perfect getaway for friends and family on your next holiday!

Name Nagashima Spaland
Category Amusement Park
Address 〒511-1192 Mie Prefecture, Kuwana, 長島町浦安333
Access [map]〒511-1192 Mie Prefecture, Kuwana, 長島町浦安333[/map]
Opening Hours 09:30 - 17:00
Price Range From 1,600 Yen (Check official website)
Payment options Cash
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