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If you have the chance to live in Shizuoka or have some free time to spend inside JR Shizuoka Station, do go to the big Parche Market behind the railway gates. There, you will find the shop Natural House where you can buy fresh and processed organic foods, as well as health foods and health care products of a trustworthy and traceable quality.

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The best way for me to introduce all visitors to this remarkable shop is to visit it together through pictures!


Vegetarian Foods

curry,soupRetort-pouch Curry and Soup

breadBread and biscuits

health foods, samplesTea tasting

organic vegetablesOrganic vegetables

salad dressingsDressings

cookies,biscuitsCookies & Biscuits

anti-allergic foodsAnti-Allergic Foods

dried fruits,nutsDried Fruit & Nuts

health foodsHealth foods including dairies, tofu and so on


curry,roux,stewCurry roux & stew

healthcare foodsHealthcare Foods

bless the earth productsBless the Earth products

juice,beveragesJuice & Beverages


bless the earth health productsBless the Earth health products

rice, cerealsRice & cereals

green tea,tea,millet teaGreen Tea & Tea & Millet Tea

organic beautyOrganic Beauty

health productsMore health products!

health productsAnd more health products!

snacksHealthy snacks

honeyHoney tasting

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Robert-Gilles Martineau

Robert-Gilles Martineau

Robert-Gilles Martineau, a 40-year French resident in Shizuoka and japan has been blogging and writing about his love for Japanese gastronomy and tourism in three languages since 1998. His motto: "There is always a new place to visit and a new food to taste out there!"

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