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Strawberry picking in Japan at Hamamatsu Park Shizuoka, strawberries ready for picking


Fruit Picking in Japan

Japan is big on seasonality- seasonal goods such as the famed Starbucks Cherry Blossom Latte are a testament to that. It should come as no surprise then, that fruit picking is a favorite pastime in Japan. Fruit farms all over the island nation often offer all-you-can-eat fruit picking experiences throughout the year.

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Strawberry picking in Japan at Hamamatsu Park in Shizuoka


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Japanese Strawberries: Prime Season

Japanese strawberries have a reputation for being large and incredibly sweet, but they also tend to be rather expensive out of season. That is precisely why when they do come into season there is no fruit more popular. Prime strawberry picking season is between January and May, with the winter months being the best time to go for a chance at the ripest and most flavorful fruit.

greenhouse Strawberry farming in at Hamamatsu Park Shizuoka in Japan


Hamamatsu Greenhouse Farms

Within Hamamatsu there are various farms that you can visit, most of which practice greenhouse farming, allowing you to pick the fruit in the comfort of a warm, temperature-controlled greenhouse. This is great news if you visit in the winter, when it can get quite windy!

greenhouses offer comfortabe and relaxing Strawberry picking in Japan at Hamamatsu Park Shizuoka


Strawberry Picking in Hamamatsu

The farms in the East Side Area of the Hamamatsu Fruit Park Tokinosumika are a great option for strawberry picking. All-you-can-eat picking offers guests the opportunity to devour as many strawberries as possible within the prescribed time limit of 30 minutes. The farms will not let you take fruit out of the park, so come hungry and make the most of it. You will be given a small tray and some condensed milk dip to aid you in this deliciously sweet experience!

rows of Strawberry are ready to be picked in Japan at Hamamatsu Park Shizuoka


How to Pick Your Strawberries

For the best picking results, grab the strawberry stem near the base of the strawberry, and twist the berry to the side. Attendants at the greenhouse may warn you to not tug straight-down, as this can break off unnecessarily large chunks of the stem, so please be considerate and gentle.

rows of Strawberry are ready to be picked in Japan at Hamamatsu Park Shizuoka


Fruit Picking Options Throughout the Year

Throughout the year, the farms in the East Side Area of Hamamatsu Fruit Park will offer fruit-picking and viewing experiences for a variety of other fruits, so be sure to check what is in season before your visits. After picking, you are free to explore the area around the farm, and to see gorgeous views of the Hamamatsu countryside from a nearby footbridge.

If you have extra time on your hands, you can also visit the nearby Fruit Park; it is a great place for a date or a family outing. Happy picking!

rows of Strawberry are ready to be picked in Japan at Hamamatsu Park Shizuoka
palm trees are a rare sight in Japan in Strawberry orchirds at Hamamatsu Park Shizuoka

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